Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Running KDE Neon Inside A Docker Container!

2 min read

Running KDE Neon inside a Docker container on KDE Neon sounds pretty weird.. Or does it?

UPDATE – Jonathan Riddell updated the Ruby script I attempted to use in this video. If you follow the directions on the KDE website with the latest version of the script, everything should work great right out of the box! –

Remember that running a KDE application inside a Docker container really only makes sense for developers and system testers, not end-users. Applications running in Docker do not have direct access to the host’s file system.

In short, you shouldn’t open an image in Gwenview running inside Docker unless the image was also inside your Docker container. The same goes for text files in Kate, etc.

The great part about this is if you wanted to add a feature to Dolphin but you didn’t want to break your system, you would hack on Dolphin running inside a Docker container. Sure you could use a VM but Docker containers are so much more lightweight.
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11 thoughts on “Running KDE Neon Inside A Docker Container!

  1. Man this brings me back a bit…. it reminds me of when there used to (probably still is) be a way to run a sandboxed version of KDE on Mac OS X…. WAAAAY back when it still had PPC chips. And for people that may not be as ready to come jumping back to KDE in a full operating system install, this is a GREAT way to take a look at it. Beautiful +1

  2. You can mount an external volume (your home directory) into the Docker container and access your files.
    I didn't know that the Docker images are for developer-testing. I always thought they made them for user testing to entice people to switch to KDE.

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