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Rust (the game) DROPS Linux support… but will they support Proton?

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# Common questions:
What distro(s) do you use?
* Office PC: Manjaro GNOME
* Laptop: Manjaro GNOME
* GPD WIN 2: Manjaro GNOME
* Steam Machine: Manjaro GNOME
* Server: Ubuntu 18.04

# What do you use to edit your videos?
Audio editing: Audacity
Video editing: KdenLive

# Why aren’t you using other video services like LBRY or PeerTube?
I am on LBRY: and I also have a BitChute mirror.
Most PeerTube instances have a data quota that just doesn’t serve my channel well. My videos are high-res (4K) and I’d exceed most quotas in one or two videos.

# What are your machines specs?
Office Rig:
* AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
* AMD Vega 64
* 32 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Steam Machine:
* Intel Core i7 at 3.8 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
* 12 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Backup Rig:
* Intel Core i5 at 3.4 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
* 8 GB of RAM

* AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 1GB
* 8 GB RAM

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39 thoughts on “Rust (the game) DROPS Linux support… but will they support Proton?

  1. Hey guys, I'm part of the staff over at and a friend of Gardiner's, if you guy's are playing on linux we will be disabling EAC so that us linux guy's and gal's can still play with everyone because this game actually means a lot to us, so all hope is not lost, we are also going modded so if you guy's are interested you can head over to egee's website and join our discord for more Info.

  2. Rust always look cool but where I live I do not have a fast enough internet service to play online games. Also, I am a big fan of 7 Days to Die on Linux.

  3. LOL!, they already programming in javascript and CrapSharp, talking to them about proton should not be sudgestion, LOL,give 'em some c++ tutorials, LOL.

  4. You’re for real one of the best content creators out here specially because you use LBRY which is where I found you on first then you got my sub on YouTube after lol

  5. Rust is/was like ARK:Survival Evolved – both Things never worked on GNU/Linux out of the box. Over the years i've tried it multiple times and the native-Version never worked for me with multiple Distro's.

  6. I think I had the same "WTF, Rust (language) what?" like many here… but a Game dropping support is in the same WTF level. Hope that doesn't happens with other titles, the trend should be in the other direction.

  7. I LOVE Rust. I've got 141 hours in it, all in Linux. I hosted my own private server for the longest time, also on Linux and had a number of my friends playing on it at one point in time. I had noticed issues though recently with the Linux version. A couple months ago I noticed that certain textures at monuments would flicker rainbow colors that looked like laser beams across the landscape if that object was anywhere within your field of view. There are posts about it in the Steam community and everything. I would argue that part of the reason for their tiny Linux player numbers is because this outstanding issue has existed for months and hasn't been fixed, and people playing on Linux, like myself and my wife, have long since uninstalled the game and quit playing because of it.

  8. @TLG please include how EAC was used on many steam games but then purchased by rival monopoly Epic Games Store (Fortnite). Rust was one of the earliest battle royales that came out before even minecraft hunger games. EGS is destroying the entire survival game genre with cheap kiddie FPS bullshit.

  9. Of course the user count for linux is crap in the last month, if we can't even play properly. Each sunrise or change in global illumination will crash the client, among a ton of other things. The game is "Borked" in ProtonDB because of EAC, not because of the game itself.

  10. The way they dropped support is acceptable to me, i can still play a windows version of the game on the most recent version.
    Or, i can play the Linux version i am entitled to uncoupled from the Windows version of the game.

    I still get to play the game, just no longer with Windows players or updates so i technically get what i payed for just not the newer versions that came out. Its enough for me not to want to refund it, as i can understand there currently are no proper anti-cheat measures for the Linux version and if Linux is now used by Hackers to invade the Windows environment and their new engine features aren't supported on Linux it wont be possible to keep the two in sync.

  11. At 9:45, in bottom left, to the left of the twitch link, your logo visibly pops out of the existence.

    I've noticed that, but not the codes.

    edit: DAMMIT just had to watch 4 more seconds before commenting. LMAO

  12. My biggest issue with the whole thing is how Facepunch/Garry has called Linux gamers cheaters multiple times over the past few months. It puts a very bad light on Linux gamers and would discourage other devs from making Linux ports. If the company is going to make allegations like that I wish they would give some numbers for context/"proof".

  13. The only way to get more Linux gaming support is for the Linux gaming community to send a strong message by actually buying and playing more Linux games. That includes me too.

  14. Bought this game on the premise that I could play it on linux. They need to refund all of their customers. Because at that point it's false advertising. Same shit as selling the ps3 as having otherOs and then getting rid of it.

  15. Most of the proton platinum is people not actually using proton.
    "Platinum: "Runs native no need for Proton""

    PS silver and platinum look too much like each other.

  16. How about they develop a game that isn't a joke in regards to optimisation and stability, the game has never worked properly on Linux from the first day I owned it, these developers don't deserve any excuses, they are lazy, they don't care about the Linux community and any 'Above average' linux support is bullshit, you either support it fully, or you don't, don't give these developers any respect, they are a stain on the Linux gaming community

  17. All you linux fanboys live in delusional world… There will never be linux revolution on desktop. This case proves it all over again. Gamers on PC waited for ages that developers would target also the PC platform with console -like optimization, and with DX12 and Vulkan this is starting to happen… Now why on earth would you use linux and emulate windows games on linux when you can just run them natively on windows? Talk about over complicating things.

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