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Ryzen 3000 & Radeon "Navi" 5700XT — Ready for Linux?

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Can’t boot new Linux? We got you:

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26 thoughts on “Ryzen 3000 & Radeon "Navi" 5700XT — Ready for Linux?

  1. This is great but damn AMD really need to improve their hardware support for operating systems (not just Linux but for Windows as well) as they have always had a reputation of releasing hardware first than proper support and bug fixes with a rocky start every time they release something but they have gotten better but it does make you worry if they have fixed any issues every time you buy something from AMD.

  2. Ok. Should I update my r5 1600 to something 3k series or not?
    damn it. seems my motherboard does not list new ryzens as supported though…

  3. I'm planning on pairing 5700XT with a Ryzen 3600 on a B450 motherboard. I've only used Windows in the past but I'd like to see how Linux performs on AMD hardware.

  4. I'm planning on getting a 5700xt to use on my f29 system… already on kernel 5.1.x. I don't use vfio so I should be good to go, right?

  5. A nice advantage of Manjaro, if one kernel does not work then you use another. Of course if you can't boot into it then it becomes a problem.

  6. im intrested if aib cards are going to take as long as they did for vega, because I am not a fan of a blower model card at all

  7. I'm looking to pick up an RX 5700 XT very soon. Is it pretty much stable and good to go for basic desktop use right now, and are we just waiting for some patches for full gaming capability?

  8. That short 5700 cut made me laugh way too much. Thanks for the Linux info, any chance you could check unRaid compatibility? I don't imagine it's much different but there's been issues before at launch.

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