Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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Ryzen 3900X Linux Video Editing Workstation With 10G Networking

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29 thoughts on “Ryzen 3900X Linux Video Editing Workstation With 10G Networking

  1. I am waiting that the Linux kernel incorporates everything for the Ryzen 3000 series before setting up my workstation.
    On a side note, I really don't understand why the Linux kernel wasn't ready at launch of Zen 2. Is AMD not working with the kernel developers before hand or they don't want it because the code is open source and thus 'other people' would know things they shouldn't prior to launch? AMD is bragging themselves that the Datacenter is where they are heading, but we all know that it's not Windows that will be running on those server machines but Linux, so there is some discrepancies here imo.

  2. PopOS is just Ubuntu with a couple extra features 😀 . Another awesome video!! We live in a world where most things are web based so the OS is becoming less and less important and thus you can run Linux or MacOS or Windows without much issue..

  3. Does a GTX760 become a bottleneck for video editing?

    I was wondering if any old graphics card will work fine as long as one has a lot of CPU cores when it comes to video editing.

  4. popos 18 an 19 live work but whewn i got to hd partition failed for me twice sg(supergamer) works 18.04 lts based works 5.??? kernel nv driver i'm happy . liked the look of popos but oh well.

  5. Haha, love the fact you haven't expanded your LVM. I did exactly the same when I upgraded my proxmox machine 6 months ago, and still haven't gotten around to doing it!

  6. Dear Tom. Would love to help out. Can you add the components you used in your new Desktop to the Amazon affiliate link in the description of this video. That way I can buy all the same parts you used, and I can help out. Thanks!

  7. I’d love to see some apples to apples rendering comparisons against any Intel you might have around including your old i7. One downside of the X470 motherboards is they all so far have crappy little proprietary fans on them that are destined to likely fail long before anything else does in the system. Yeah you can likely kludge in some sketchy replacement fan but it’s a sad thing to see. I don’t get why a bigger passive cooler won’t work especially when many gaming motherboards already have heat pipe coolers. The motherboard manufactures seem to mostly just blindly copy the reference designs, and each other, like blind sheep and promote useless stupid features instead of actually making things genuinely better.

  8. Air cooling is more reliable than liquid, as the only thing that can really fail is the fan. So it makes perfect sense for this build. However, it might be worth upgrading to a Noctua cooler at some point. The NH-U14S would probably be the best sweet spot. It'll perform better than the Hyper 212, and would probably be even quieter.

  9. One small Detail, you didn't mention the required Bios Update for Zen2 CPUs to work on an x470 Motherboard. On some Boards you might need an older CPU to flash that Bios.

  10. Do you keep the active video project files on local storage or the NAS? what protocol / filesystem do you mount to the nas storage with? I am literally in process of building the same but smaller scale setup, using a ryzen 2700x machine.

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