Tue. Dec 17th, 2019

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ServiceNow – Create and Delete Form Overrides in a Domain Separated Environment

1 min read

Items demonstrated/discussed in this video:

* Noted Overrides are created when a child domain’s behavior needs to behave differently than its parent (can apply to Forms, Form Sections, Business Rules, etc).
* Navigated to Forms and displayed the Domain and Overrides columns (noted the importance of the Expand Domain Scope UI Action in the global domain).
* Navigated to the core_company table, selected a record and displayed form.
* Switched domains, then configured the Form Layout.
* Business Rule messages displayed noting overrides occurred (Form and Form Sections).
* Navigated back to Forms, found the override, selected the record and displayed the Form Section tables (NOTE: there are 2 tables Form Section and Form Sections: sys_ui_section and sys_ui_form_section).
* Backed-up the Form via XML.
* Deleted the Form, then navigated back to the form and noted: IT DID NOT CHANGE.
* Navigated to filter navigator, ran cache.do and then refreshed the form – it reverted back to the previous layout.
* NOTE: the company selected displayed a form on the customer_account table (the override occurred there and needed to be cleared there even though the record is displayed on the core_company table).

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