Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

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Setting up Dual Boot on the Yoga 910 with Fedora and Windows

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Many have reported that setting up dual boot with Linux and Windows on the Lenovo Yoga 10 is very difficult, if not impossible. This is not the case. as you will see, It’s very simple to do, as long as the steps are followed in the correct order.

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27 thoughts on “Setting up Dual Boot on the Yoga 910 with Fedora and Windows

  1. I have a Lenovo Yoga 730, followed the tutorial. It was easy to find out what to do when my BIOS screen looked different from the one show in the video. I now have Win 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 on my Yoga. Thanks

  2. Changing the Sata from RST to AHCI says I will loose any drivers and might have to reinstall Windows is this true? I don't really want to reinstall Windows 10 but I will if I have too.

  3. I've successfully installed Linux Mint 19 on my Lenovo Yoga 730-13ikb by this tutorial.
    And now I have dual boot with Windows 10. All works perfectly.
    Thank you. Have a nice moode.

  4. Hey FastGadgets

    Have you tried removing Linux and grub from this machine and going back to just Windows?
    I'm thinking of getting rid of the dual boot as I have the 256gb model and space is getting tight after having it nearly a year.

    If I follow the steps in the reverse order would it get me back to windows only or are there things I should be concerned about before starting?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for this tutorial in the first place now that I think of it!!

  5. I've read various articles talking about using MBR vs GPT or BIOS vs UEFI…I'm using Rufus and I was wondering if you had a suggestion on which partition scheme to use for creating the bootable USB drive?

  6. UPDATE: Linux Mint is now working great, I had to delete Windows off of my laptop in order to get a successful install. Laptop is a tiny bit louder / squeaks and clicks more, headphone crackle, which is quite annoying. But other than that everything works very well.

  7. I got to 6:33 but then my laptop only started up in safe mode . . . so I disabled Safe Mode via ms config, then the computer started up normally besides the wifi getting off the network so I just put it back on. When I entered "bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot" I got a message, "An error occurred while attempting to delete the specified data element. Element not found." I restarted the computer and it worked ok besides the wifi not auto connecting, I rechecked the BIOS settings, everything matched. I'm good up until the end, I got a new usb drive, got a hard wired connection for my computer, usb-c to ethernet. Everything works great right up until the end when I get the error, Grub failed to install, fatal error.

  8. Nice tutorial, thanks. I just got a Yoga 720 and will try to dual boot W10-1703 and Fedora. I'm new to Linux. Did you do any setup in Fedora for the SSD Trim or anything else? Does the touch screen work?

  9. Hi, I just installed xubuntu 16.04 on my Lenovo 910, but am getting a bunch of screen flickering. Was wondering if you had any issues with this or know of any possible fixes. Runs perfectly fine in safe mode however.

  10. Hi.I am looking at buying a Yoga 910 to run Linux on and totally get rid of Windows.Have you got everything working or are there still some driver or compatibility issues with anything.It seems a lot of 2-in-1's are still finding it hard to run properly with Linux.I will probably give Ubuntu Gnome and Fedora with Gnome a try.Cheers

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