Mon. Oct 28th, 2019

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Setup a Linux Gaming PC | Live | Install – Config – Gameplay

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This is a live stream install of a fresh Linux install that we are setting up for Gaming. This will include creating the installation media, installing the OS, configuring the OS for gaming, and Playing some wicked cool games.

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21 thoughts on “Setup a Linux Gaming PC | Live | Install – Config – Gameplay

  1. Timestamps:
    2:40 Windows ISO Creation
    4:00 Rufus Install
    10:17 Boot FAIL – UEFI vs Legacy Explanation
    13:30 Ethcher ISO creation
    19:00 First Successful ISO USB Boot
    21:20 PC Locked up during install – Health Check
    24:00 Manjaro Install Success
    31:00 Install Finished and First Boot
    32:25 KDE Customisation
    41:20 pacman -Qe – Culling Installed packages and removing any bloat
    42:30 Secondary Drive mount and configuration
    49:00 .bashrc edit for ll command
    51:03 Tweaking the system for Gaming
    1:00:34 Importing existing Lutris games from past install
    1:07:48 World of Warcraft Classic Launch
    1:09:12 Sound Tweaks
    1:11:45 Failed Warframe import – Needs Fresh Install
    1:15:08 Steam Setup and Configuration
    1:23:50 End of Stream – Q&A

  2. Thanks for that video.
    Can you do video how to install pop os with nvidia card and League of legends?
    Challenge – can you do all off that from gui side not terminal?

  3. @17:25 You can have a Xeon 1231V3 for about 100 bucks with 4 cores and 8 threads. It is plenty for 1080p gaming and pretty good combined with a AMD RX 480. If you add an Arctic Mono Plus to the mix, you turn the cheap reference design into a silent and "low-profile" solution. 🙂

  4. Warframe through steam with GloriousEggroll's (Redhat/Lutris/Winestaging guy) custom Proton + xboxdrv, only issue after that is occasional crashes right when you start the game.

  5. Manjaro and Mint are Joke they always crash and freeze during browsing or during trying to install from live usb. Please stop using Manjaro and Mint they are a joke in the Linux world.

  6. I noticed one thing which I would considere a mistake in the setup-process. It is a good habit for Manjaro to first select only mirrors from certain countries (depending on where you live, in my case for the Netherlands I chose Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark England and Germany) and then sort the mirrors on speed. Directly after a fresh install it is not that big an issue yet but a few weeks later you will notice that the download speed gets quite bad when you install software, to the point that it even keeps hanging. It is annoying and you can easily prevent it by selecting mirrors from only a few countries and then sort it.

    sudo pacman-mirrors –country Germany,France,Austria
    pacman-mirrors –fasttrack
    pacman -Syyu

    Of course you can combine it on one line with & but this is more n00b-friendly.

  7. Something else, why oh why does every motherboard-company use different hotkeys to start the BIOS, the boot-selection and the instant flash if that is available? It is ridiculous! There are only a few big motherboard-companies (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock) and a few smaller ones. How difficult can it be for the CEO of one of those to send an email to the CEO's of the other few companies and suggest to agree on the hotkeys. Agree that all use whatever is used most and have the OEM's follow that consensus. A small detail but it would be nice. Same for things like screws etcetera, please use less different sizes so that we don't need that many tools. Standardize as much as possible.

  8. Streaming on an old Excavator AMD-CPU, how does that go? Dropped frames at 1080p and 60 FPS? Chris, I tried to point it out in the chat but you probably didn't see it, for Manjaro you need to do a bit of extra work to get Steam 100%. I don't know all the details myself (after I upgraded my old crappy HD 7850 it becomes more relevant to me ;)), somebody else pointed it out to me. It also involves using some boot-parameter (etc/default/grub). Chris, 1 TB SSD's cost less than $100 in the USA, a 1 TB NVMe-SSD can be bought for €100-110 (European price!), sometimes less than €100 in the USA. Time for a 1 TB SSD and putting games on that too. 😉

  9. Linux Live USB (LiLi) is the best (albeit slightly slow and bloated) USB burn utility for Windows…. NEVER had an issue with LiLi.
    Thanks for showing the mistakes… makes me feel a bit better for going through the same issues when I install things lol.

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