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Setup Gaming on a New Linux Install | Windows to Linux

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In this video, I go over the setup of gaming on a new Linux install. This is from the viewpoint of a Windows user coming to Linux.

1. Install the needed programs Lutris / Stream
2. Make sure you configure ESYNC / DXVK

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31 thoughts on “Setup Gaming on a New Linux Install | Windows to Linux

  1. I am a linux user, an year ago I had used manjaro xfce desktop now I use Linux Mint Mate. Now the ram consumption is very high and mate is smooth but not stable like xfce. Should I change my desktop again to xfce. I am planning to just change my desktop environment by using package manager not clean install. What should I do .

  2. Chris, after gamemode install and setting Lutris with the parameters you showed, some games still need this gamemoderun %command% added into the game launch parameters themselves. Not sure why, but, I think it's also the reason that some of the Windows only games fail. Rage 2 was failing on me until I added it into the games own launch parameters.

  3. I e been trying to figure out gaming for a long time thanks for the video. Can you do one on gaming keyboards the extra arrows mapping ect?

  4. Gaming? How can Linux game when it doesn't have Candy Crush Saga pre-installed, plus a bunch of bloat running in the background and collecting your data? Disgusting.

  5. Thank you, Chris. For well over a decade I have always avoided Wine as the first step back towards the Closed Side. Even now, on Lutris, I only have a few Linux native games. But then I use Chrome and Android for Netflix these days so… I had used Gimp and Star Office (precursor to Open and Libre) etc on Windows for almost a year before no longer dual booting and going Linux only. But for Windows users these days, your suggestions will be tremendously useful.

  6. I think this video really reflects on why most people are turned away from Linux especially when it comes to games. At least I can speak for myself, it would frustrate the hell out of me that I had to copy multiple commands not even knowing what every one of them does, just to get started with gaming (or really anything in Linux), and even then it's not sure it won't need any optional tweaks / game… I mean even if I knew what most commands did here (I do mostly), I wouldn't be able to recall any of them if I ever needed to redo all this, and had to look for all the guides, links, etc, which are necessary for these to work.
    Other than this, it's a very informative video as always, keep it up!

  7. hadnt even watched it yet, but ive given a like. always love your vids man. personally, i use Xubuntu. hows your feels about it?

  8. This type of video is why the channel has blown up (in linux creator terms obv). You seem to target the bits/areas that often get neglected by other creators and I would just like to say thanks for that. You are like a ninja who dances between the noobs and cliques and you are putting up some really great content.

  9. how to start the game, you said windows game that will be .exe so how to run that in Linux.

    you should also show how to open the game and the performance. and if games are running then benchmark softwares will also run (I think so, correct me if I'm wrong) so also show a benchmark result.

  10. Hey Chris get this! I was thinking all along to switch my powerful gaming pc to Manjaro GNU/Linux in my machine. I tried with a live usb and it feels flawlessly, but I haven't reformatted and always back up my files which is good. I have a lot of experience with the terminal so I should be good to go until I finish my games that is not yet fixed in the proton that I looked up in the database, but I'm sure I can do it without them.

    Just letting anyone know that hopefully I'm gonna get back to YouTube because GOD it's so long that I haven't uploaded videos since a long time that I was busy with my university.

  11. Since two days I left completely the windows world including my main rig for games etc. For the mircosoft office stuff I have created a virtual machine and I had to do some tweaking for getting my mouse to work correct. Diablo 3 and World of tanks are installed currently but I do not see any problem to install other games later on. Future will see if Linux is the one to go but I'm very happy and in a good for the future!

  12. Once again a great video and I did hear you say something about a fix for origin in Lutris and was wondering as when trying to install Bf4 in origin once it downloads the game fails to install and would like info on a known fix thanks.

  13. Mr. Titus, can you rec some games for us poor linux guys/gals. I don't have any fancy graphics cards. CSGO and Insurgency are a big no. And downloading games just to ask for refunds, is kinda embarrassing. I do have steam, i just don't know where to look for this question i have, and thought you might be able to help. Ty and keep up the great work.

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