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Shared Hosting Tips in Morocco

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Mehdi Tazi, Hostoweb.com CEO & founder and Filip Borcov, Site.pro CEO discussing about Shared Hosting Tips in Morocco
00:15 Hostoweb.com—most innovative shared hosting company
00:39 MarocVPS.com—low cost self-managed VPS
00:51 35M+ in population. 70K+ .ma domains registered
01:09 .com is more popular than .ma
01:46 Internet penetration 51%. It grows very fast
02:22 Only 10-20% businesses have their websites. Huge opportunity
03:09 Support in Moroccan Darija (Arabic), French, phone/email, 24/7
03:30 EU customers use Morocco for VPN & Proxy
03:50 It’s human nature to choose cheapest option. When they try premium quality—they never go back
04:03 International brands do not target Morocco
04:19 It’s too complicated for Moroccans to buy services from outside Morocco
05:00 No GDPR here. Personal data laws projects in progress
05:18 Prices are low, as example: 9€/year
06:16 CMI Payment Gateway, Wire transfer, Cash
07:49 Moroccans prefer website builders over CMS
08:07 Investment in street marketing didn’t work
10:04 Acquisition cost: 30-40€/customer
10:39 Top Datacentre of Morocco in 2014
11:50 Best marketing—a satisfied customer
12:37 Own CDN network allows better distribution

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