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SharePoint PnP – SPFx and JavaScript community call – 29th of August 2019

1 min read

Recording of SPFx and JavaScript development in SharePoint Community Call from 29th of August. Topics include updates from SharePoint engineering on SPFx, latest on PnP JS Core, Office 365 CLI, Reusable SPFx controls and PnP SPFx Yeoman extension.

Detailed covered content from SharePoint Dev Blog at

– Demo – Ramin Ahmadi (Content and Code) – @raminahmadi1986 – Override list experience with a custom web part – hacky way

– Demo – David Warner (Catapult) – @DavidWarnerII – SharePoint Library Components – Simultaneous Parallel development

Code demonstrated by Ramin is available from Please notice that this is NOT recommended patter and was demonstrated for learning purposes.

More details on SharePoint Framework library components is available from

You can download an invite to this bi-weekly call from

You can find more details around the open-source and community work from

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