Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

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Should I Switch to Linux from Windows? *Reaction*

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Another day another question about switching to linux and someone giving some advice about it *not me* lets see if homie here ends up giving some solid advice. Or will the only thing he be giving is me an ulcer?

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16 thoughts on “Should I Switch to Linux from Windows? *Reaction*

  1. 2:01 He seems to be coming across at the question from a installed windows system that might be out of warranty
    or a older brand PC/AIO or a older laptop

    Certainly doesnt help that Asus/Acer/HP/etc doesn't install Linux on standard PC and Laptops

    Even dell refuses to install linux outside USA on a certain few models

    Stuff like the Asus EEE and Chromebooks sell like hot cakes

  2. I actually went to check the date on the original video. Thought it may have come out 5 years ago given the info he is spouting, I saw the date on it was 2 days ago… And my benefit of the doubt to him went away. The kind of crap he is saying will scare people into staying on Windows. If a user wants or needs Windows, then fine. But he is responding to a person who is looking for an alternative, and he seems to be discouraging that in people who are actually wanting to switch.

  3. I enjoy your reaction videos, but can you please work on the sound leveling? I find myself having to crank the volume when you're playing the source video, and then slamming it back down during your portions. Other than that, thanks for the videos.

  4. Mint has a very good upgrade path. Had done several times when I was using it, no problems. It's simply done through the update gui utility.
    It's also ironical, that probably the best way to get a Windows drive backup image is to use a Linux based tool.

  5. 4 points in agreement with your reaction video
    (1) I greatly value my time which is why I chose to invest it in learning Linux
    (2) support is worldwide with millions of users in hundreds of countries (that supposed 2% user base sure spouts reams & reams of experience/support/advice on such a massive scale)
    (3) I will only give up my HP OfficeJet if it blows up and even then I'll probably buy another one
    (4) I have never had an issue in Linux that hasn't been solved by either researching or simply reaching out

  6. Sounds to me like this guy wrote the script for this video back in the 90s and just now decided to release the video. What an ignorant fool.
    He should NOT beaching people ANYTHING.
    If I was curious about Linux and I saw that video, I'd be like "no way am I gonna try out linux".
    Glad he didn't give me advice back when I came to Linux. Because to me it sounds like he's trying to make people stay away from Linux.

  7. JC Ryst! How much fake hot air can one person spew out in 13 minutes! I'm sorry, there is literally nothing this guy says being true. Drivers, user support, program availability, differences (again WTF keyboard shortcuts Alt+F4 closes programs on every desktop Linux I've ever used – out the box). This is clearly someone who gathered some website comments about Linux and never in fact tried it out for themselves. It's literally an amalgamation of myths you constantly read from junk websites or even decades old crap.
    Please … research … by … doing … the … things … you're … going … to … talk … about … by … testing … it … yourself … before … believing … every … last … piece … of … junk … ever … written!

  8. Just WTF! Did "Leo" even attempt a version upgrade before? I've in place upgraded Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Solus without any issues whatsoever. In fact I had to instead re-install from scratch Win10-1803 to upgrade to 1809 and then again to 1903, since it constantly failed to recognize my GTX 960 graphics card, rolling back the upgrade after the first reboot. While none of the Linuxes ever had such silly issue for me. I.e. had to re-install Windows twice within a year, and for the past 7 years none of the Linuxes needed a replace install. With some of the stuff (like the last new kernels in Fedora and Ubuntu) it didn't even require a reboot.

  9. I always look forward to your Linux reviews. Glad you take the time to correct the mistakes people spew out in their videos. And I got a question for you, are you gonna get the pinebook?

  10. Yes Fedora can also update to a newer version as well.

    I feel like he found old article and based everything off that, for most of this content he is talking about. He and others like him is the reason we have to reteach people the correct interpretation about Linux so it is not misunderstood.

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