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SKETCHIEST "Get Rich Quick" Website | Website ATM | Anti MLM

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SKETCHIEST “Get Rich Quick” Website | WEBSITE ATM | Anti MLM | this website is WORSE than any MLM I’ve seen on r/antimlm. I am 99% sure it’s a scam, but I can’t say for sure. Easy Money Fast? More like lose money fast

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42 thoughts on “SKETCHIEST "Get Rich Quick" Website | Website ATM | Anti MLM

  1. at some point in the video, I end up slipping and calling the "business opportunity" human ATM instead of website ATM. The name of the opportunity is "Website ATM".

  2. They're pretty damn creepy websites. I've always hated the notifications popping up of people "registering"… Somehow, it's extremely eerie. It's not like that person doesn't exist (although I know there is an AI that can generare EXTREMELY detailed faces), it's that they were either unaware of a scammer using their face, or they were paid actors and their entire "personality" based on one message is completely fake.

  3. Ok people if they have to convince you to do something, there is something wrong. If it seems to good to be true, it is. If they promise hundreds of dollars per day, and no one has ever heard of it, something is wrong. If you have to pay for a job, it isn't a job, it is usually an MLM.

  4. Hey, so has anyone heard of an mlm security company thing?

    My apartment complex held a 'great work oppertunity! Get paid daily, have time freedom, be debt free, be your own boss in a positive, fun exciting environment!' Event, and I hadn't heard of legalsheild. But based on that alone, I smell mlm

  5. This is a really common format for scams.
    I've come across these twice before, once for plans for a free energy machine and once for a penis enlargement technique.
    Thank goodness I never fell for any of this BS.

  6. my granpda made me use a sketchy site that made me watch ads to "earn money" but guess what

    to watch the ads you need to pay
    …. he invested 200$….from a poor country……

  7. I think one of the most sketchiest part of this video is the bottom left corner, when cue is watching the video on how to make money and would he let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers, the notifications say they are from a few days ago, but the profile pictures of the people all look like models and stock images. That’s what was flagged in my mind. The whole website is obviously sketchy but those profile pictures just look too perfect.

  8. Seems legit. The biggest give away with shit like this is asking yourself if this person is making soo much money, why are they trying soo hard to sell me a product?

  9. Cue, obviously you were wrong here, this site is completely legit. Don't you see all those people in the corner joining with great success??

  10. I think their website sends you to a different scam video every day. I clicked on it just now and it sent me to a way different site

  11. Never trust these "get rich quick" scams. Just like don't trust these 24/7 iPhone giveaways that are on YouTube, on some shady channels you've never heard of.

    Or, in any case, trust whatever you want, but you've been warned.

  12. I feel almost jealous for the ever hopeful gullible. God the world must seem so easy and just full of optimism and possibilities! They’re almost to their big break!

    The bankruptcy, eviction and power disconnect?? A minor setback! Wife left you? You’ll win her back once this pays off! Keep believing!

  13. I fucking dispise the little notifs popping up on websites these days saying "X just joined this!" or "Y just bought that!". It is a tactic called "social proof" that is designed to lure people to feel right and/or secure in making a similar choice…

  14. The envelope stuffing scam has actually been around for a while. My grandmother did it for a while back in the late '80s, I even helped her. They advertised in the newspaper and on fliers. There was another one years later (but still before MLM's became widely known on the internet…or even before the internet was common in every home) in which you made spiral friendship-type bracelets out of thread/yarn that you had to purchase from the company and send back. Supposedly you got paid for each bracelet you made – IF it passed their inspection. Of course, it never did, and you had only their word to rely on, so you didn't get paid.

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