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Slow Villager Profession Switching Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14.4 (Java Edition)

1 min read

Today we investigate why sometimes it take longer than expected for a villager to find their workstation. This can be frustrating when cycling workstations for better trades. Let’s see if we can workout what’s happening.

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35 thoughts on “Slow Villager Profession Switching Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14.4 (Java Edition)

  1. Thank you so much. This video came at exactly the right time. I was wondering why villagers switched professions so fast in my test world, but took like a minute in my actual world. The Answer: The villager switcher in my normal world is next to my trading hall, which has quite a few workstations. Plus I'm using composters for the redstone in the trading hall.
    I upvoted the bug report, hope more people do so, too.

  2. @LogicalGeekBoy Can you check if it's the same on 1.15 snapshot?
    I guess you can do that quite quickly… just by loading the world into it? Just curious, really.

  3. Stupid question but is it not a question of the "kind" of work station also ? You test "same number" but of different block so it's not really scientific !

  4. Maybe the villager was choosing the lectern slower, because the couldrons were outside the sub-chunck of the villager?

    Don't know if it made sense and don't if its possible.

  5. well now i know why it's taking forever for my villagers to change jobs! Thanks for the great info!

    Btw, I used your villager trading hall as a basis for my own and was wondering if you could make a video that shows how to create a redstone lamp that turns on when it's time for villagers to change jobs.

  6. But after having this problem i moved the spot where i change villager professions to more than 100 blocks away from my trading hall and i still sometimes have my villagers taking many minutes to pick up a profession. Im playing on a server so in theory there could be work stations in range that i don't know about but my spot is in the middle of the ocean away from everything else. Could there be more than one thing at play here?

  7. That is a massive area. Way bigger than I would have guessed. I'm wondering if it calculates a path to every workstation in the area and then finally picks the closest one (not already claimed). Might have been cool to have different workstations in the group and then start deleting to see which one it picked, and see if it actually selected the closed one in the end.

  8. lol, on my world it took me 2 hours of cycling to get power V (granted It was the very last max book I needed) (Also built my trading hall in a exit gateway portal in the void to fix all those problems!)

  9. I noticed that while you went back and forth testing in and out of chunk, you were inconsistent with subchunks. Some tests were in lower or higher subchunks. Like 256 in chunk was in the same subchunk as the villager fore instant switching, but 500+ was in the subchunk below the villager for many minutes switching.

  10. A slight problem with sorting is that sorting always has sublinear performance.
    With a good sorting algorithm you can get O(n*log(n)). So in the worst-case scenario, if the 48 block sphere is filled with workstations (~460,000) which could result in ~8,700,000 comparisons and/or movements. It would also take at most ~460,000 32-bit integers in memory per villager just to remember this list (at most ~1.8MB/villager).

    Perhaps if they didn't sort the whole list at once, but rather only remembered the closest say 8 workstations that have been found so far for that villager, and then just use insertion sort to add additional workstations. They could also have the villagers search for work stations more frequently if the current workstation has recently been lost. This way you could get a good compromise between speed and lag. It could still pick several workstations at random from its surroundings, but one of them would be from the list of 8. And if any of the random ones are closer than the listed ones, it would be added to the list, removing the farthest item that was in the list.

    Another strategy would be to first look within a smaller radius before looking farther away, maybe incrementing the radius by 4 each time until 48 or something. This way it would only be slow if the workstation is far away, and wouldn't impact rapid cycling.

  11. I would like to see a video of spawnchunks. Some people are talking about how spawnchunks are different with the new update and i dont know if they are saying the truth. Thanks for your time(Eng. Is not my mother tongue)

  12. very interesting!!! ive made a huge trading hall and done my share of setting specific jobs/trades and this is really helpful. the amount of time it takes has always varied for me, and now i know why!

  13. 5:05
    I am pretty sure i know why this happens but the whole reason why we have this problem is because Mojang got lazy and merged the POI system with the pathfinding system which is has a randomizer. They should have made a different system but what ever. The reason why work stations out side of chunk are so much harder for the villiger is because the pathfinding starts in the chunk. We do a similiar thing with the 1.15 bee farms and put them on chunk borders so they pathfind to the right hive

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