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Solve CodeWars Javascript Challenge "String Incrementer" in 15 minutes (Intermediate Challenge)

1 min read

Three software developers try to solve the Javascript Code Wars coding challenge, String Incrementer (5 kyu), within 15 minutes. Ready, set, code! #CodeFights

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Code Wars Challenge:
Want to skip ahead to their solutions? Timestamps are below:
– Trav: 17:20
– Ric: 20:00
– Terry: 23:38

Host: Carmen Chung (

Code Fighters:
– Terence Jeong (
– Ric Lavers (
– Travis Kelekolio (

– Alex Gearing (
– Luke Thompson (

Special thanks to Valiant Finance ( for hosting us.
Filmed by: Clement Cheung (

5 thoughts on “Solve CodeWars Javascript Challenge "String Incrementer" in 15 minutes (Intermediate Challenge)

  1. This one is definitely an intermediate challenge. All three of the devs made the same mistake from the get, which was to try to solve "the whole thing" at once, instead of breaking it into the two parts. The first logical part is incrementing a number string. The second part is detecting the number at the end of a string (which then gets passed to the increment function). The biggest benefit of this approach is your brain doesn't get stuck trying to figure it all out at once. You can clear your mind to focus on the discrete tasks one by one.

    My solution:

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