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Spring Boot + Spring Security + LDAP from scratch – Java Brains

1 min read

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to setup a Spring Boot app with Spring Security that connects to an LDAP server for authentication. Spring Security has authentication providers that come out of the box and it’s super easy to set this up. Let me show you!

Java Brains website:

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20 thoughts on “Spring Boot + Spring Security + LDAP from scratch – Java Brains

  1. Hi, I have one question. So for each user, we have to keep adding information in .ldif file? If yes, then don't you think it is too much manual work. Because basically, we store user information in DB with privileges and load those values dynamically. So it is possible in case of LDAP?

  2. Hi Koushik
    I tried the example in the video. The application was up and running. However when I enter the credentials I am getting below exception. localhost:8399; nested exception is javax.naming.CommunicationException: localhost:8399 [Root exception is Connection refused: connect]

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