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SSH, FTP, Ping, Telnet: Linux Networking Commands Tutorial 12

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https://www.guru99.com/communication-in-linux.html This beginners tutorial demos FTP, Telnet, SSH & ping commands. These commands help you in Networking with other Linux/Windows/Unix/Mac systems.

0:25 Ping – This utility is commonly used to check whether your connection to the server is healthy or not.
1:27 FTP – FTP is file transfer protocol
3:36 Telnet – Connect to a remote Linux Computer
4: 30 SSH – SSH which stands for Secure Shell
5:49 Summary
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7 thoughts on “SSH, FTP, Ping, Telnet: Linux Networking Commands Tutorial 12

  1. You can use count option for ping to determin how many times a site is pinged:
    ping -c 3 http://www.google.com

    will ping goole three times, wich is usually enouht to see if site is up or if your connection is working.

    If username on your computer = username on remote computer you could log inusing just ip-address or hostname meaning:
    would have done the trick in your excample.

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