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SSH into Virtualbox Guest VM from Host with NAT

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How to SSH into Guest VM from Host using VirtualBox NAT Network with only single Insterface and VM can access the Internet and Host can SSH into VM at same time. This configurations working with basic port forwarding from Host to Guest OS.

Software and Tools.
– Xubuntu 14.04 64Bit
– Oracle VM Virtualbox 5.0.10
– Ubuntu Server 14.04 64bit as Guest VM
– Kazam

Guest VM setup
– Ubutnu server 14.04 Bit64
– SSH server running/listen
– Networking attach to NAT
– eth0 ip address assign automatically by default.

Steps on this setup
1. Configure port forwarding from Guest to Host, In this case I want to access Guest via SSH from Host. I use port “2281” and forward it into SSH port “22”on Guest.
2. Make sure SSH server running/listen on Guest VM.
guest$ netstat -ln | grep 22
3. Open new terminal window on Host. and access Guest from port “2281”.
host$ ssh [email protected] -p 2281

Important Setup
This configurations will work well if we assign unused port from Host.

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