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Starting a business with $500 | EP 1: Shopify, Permits, Domain, Instagram

1 min read

Hey Yall! I thought it would be challenging and helpful for those who ask me about my past business ventures and current to take yall on a journey of a new one from START to FINSH. In this series I start a business on a $500 budget.

This video will be about Sellers permits, trademarks, Facebook and Instagram.

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21 thoughts on “Starting a business with $500 | EP 1: Shopify, Permits, Domain, Instagram

  1. Can you do a more detailed video on how to properly set up Facebook and Instagram ads because I feel like that’s where I’m lacking I don’t think I’m targeting properly

  2. Im currently starting my own clothing brand. This was so inspirational. I keep telling myself it will work out. Just sent out my information for my Llc and im excited to see where things go from here! Thank you!

  3. Very informative and useful video! I always been hesitant about starting a online business thank you for the tips, looking forward to the series!❤️❤️❤️

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