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Sub-Domain – How to Create a Sub-Domain on Go Daddy

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Creating and using sub-domains is important to your online business, especially for network marketing.

A sub-domain is a useful way to create a memorable web address or send your site visitors to a specific area of your web site – a simpler web addresses.

And easier to remember!

You could create a sub-domain called “”, for example, using “info” as your sub-domain prefix. Then point this sub-domain to a directory called “”

Then instead of telling your readers to visit your information pages at the longer, harder-to-remember web address, you could publicize the simpler sub-domain “”

Both and will send your readers to the same page.

You can also combine with “Domain Forwarding”.

Sub-domains are also an elegant way to manage a stand-alone domain name. If you have a Domains or Business Email plan, you can combine the domain forwarding feature available in those plans with sub-domains in your Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions plan to direct your visitors to your web site.

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  1. Man i so hate GoDaddy, never does it go easy when i need to either add or change something there. Always tons of issues, i need to chat, whatever. There servers are slow and the mailserver is kind of terrible. I really hate our company for go with that company.

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