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Taking Into Account, Ep. 35 – Linux Foundation, Article 13, NexDock 2, Sway, GNOME

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On this edition of Taking Into Account:

0:44 The Linux Foundation is not about Linux. Is the LF is all about big business and big money?
9:28 Controversial online copyright law Article 13 passed by EU Parliament.
14:47 Turn your Smartphone or Pi into a laptop with the NexDock 2. Now live on Kickstarter.
18:58 Sway is a tiling window manager specially crafted for Wayland. Worth looking at?
23:30 A bit of GNOME news. Draw on your screen extension released, plus GNOME 3.30 w/o systemd.
27:38 Some of you guys had trouble installing curseradio.


Controversial Online Copyright Law Article 13 Passed By EU Parliament

NexDock 2 Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Laptop

Draw On Your Screen with this Neat GNOME Shell Extension


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34 thoughts on “Taking Into Account, Ep. 35 – Linux Foundation, Article 13, NexDock 2, Sway, GNOME

  1. I have been campaigning against the EU Copyright Directivef or almost a year. This Directive is absolute garbage however I got to say you way overstated the issue. Memes, Parody and commentary won't be illegal when EU Memberstates make this into law. The Problem is every little Forum (with very few exeptions) will practically be forced to implement uploadfilters, like Youtubes ContentID. Thats what the Problem is all about.
    And the "Link Tax" (that is not a tax) has already been a thing in Spain and here in Germany. It basically forces everyone that utilizes Link-preview-texts to get a license for these short extracts. This aims at Google (and other search engines) and social Networks like facebook and twitter. In Germany all newsoutlets just gave google facebook etc. a free license beccause they realized without google and facebook showing previews nobody would click on their website. this however is very bad for smaller social media and search engines, as they are not always exempted from the big media corporations. In Spain the situation was a little different as search engines had to get a license so google just killed google news in spain.

  2. The answer to Articles 11 and 13 is simply for the content providers (Google, Facebook, etc.) to not be based in the EU. If you aren't based in the EU, you can't be beholden to their laws.

  3. Sure, there's nothing wrong with code of conduct…. except for agenda being pushed by pink haired gender confused commie who can barely write ruby.

  4. Gnome gets better and better. If I uninstall evolution and some dev software it is using 1GB of memory. That is not bad for a full desktop environment. From 3.32 it is even better but… I having new windows opening inactive now 🙂 I can't find any info is it a bug or just my system. Well nothing is perfect 🙂

  5. Linux like it or not is now a corporate asset. The Linux Foundation does not care about desktop Linux for example canonical spent over a year of their Donations and profits to make a version of Ubuntu that runs flawlessly on Windows 10 Hyper V. Canonical has not spent anytime collaborating with Nivdea to fix graphic driver issues nor DRM with Netflix the Linux foundation canonical Fedora Redhat Debian are all a bunch of corporate whores the only Linux company left dedicated to the users right to FOSS is system 76 because Let’s be honest desktop Linux is at a stand still until we get some free and open hardware

  6. the Linux foundation board members is elected by the foundation members any company join for a yearly fee and be a part of the Linux foundation.
    and the Linux foundation support a lot of tech project.

  7. Hey Distrohuggers,

    According to the Lubuntu web-site, they had a major server catastrophe recently, and their back-up also failed. Someone apparently had a snapshot of most of it, so they are allegedly up and running again.

  8. Sway and the devs have been doing SO MUCH for wayland implementation!!!

    Glad you brought more attention to it! Someday I hope I can understand how to work it out. I'm still working on trying to get my sway configs in order.

  9. Thanks for the video, Derek. As for the EU, I hope Google and all American companies just leave the EU and blacklist them, forcing the EU to reverse their horrific decision.

  10. As long as Torvalds is the benevolent dictator for life of Linux the interests of general Linux users will be pushed in that Linux Foundation but what when he falls away?

  11. "Microsoft kind of changing their ways". Kind of! Let them opensource DX9, DX11, DX12, win32, all their DLL's…and then I will start believing it. As a Linux user who also is a gamer (gamers who follow the software a bit understand how much MS abused their API's to lock people into Windows, as was generally admitted by one of the highest senior managers of MS in a testimony to the European Union) I am a lot more sceptical and cynical. So far it is all symbolic and it seems to me that it is aimed at assuring a good piece of the pie with their cloud service. Having said that, I am impressed that MS kind of brought most of the XBox to the PC and that they even sell one their games (Cuphead) on the Nintendo platform. However, that is sound business, no proof of opening up.

  12. I tried Gnome on Wayland on an Ubuntu mini install, and I have to say I'm impressed. The only problem I have with it is the lack of unredirect full screen windows, vsync if forced on and I don't know of any way to change it.

  13. LT works there. Its a day job, and puts food on the table. I am sure he will uphold his kernel until one day, he decides to retire and pass the ropes to next Generation (be it good or bad). We are Linux users, and that is most impt. Free, as in Freedom to choose.

  14. DistroTube: If some people don't want their content to be used, they shall use it only in private !!! Article 13 is stupid decision, made by foolish politicians … Politicians will always worship the rich for money and power – that's why they chose to be politicians…

  15. Aren't those at the Linux Foundation running Macs or something? I remember Bryan Lunduke saying something about that in one of his videos……….smh Just like how now the staffers at the Chinese company Huwawei are on Apple phones….way to show your brand loyalty there, lol!

  16. i dont even know why facebook is there apart from they payed money, which should not constitute a spot really imo, steam would be a better candidate than facebook to be on the linux foundation board of directors

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