Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Teamfight Breakdown with Jatt | 2019 Worlds Semifinals (G2 vs SKT)

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This World championship has been won and lost on split second, risky decision making. A great example of this was the series-winning teamfight that G2 Esports forced onto SKT while Perkz was still dead.

Let’s get into it.


28 thoughts on “Teamfight Breakdown with Jatt | 2019 Worlds Semifinals (G2 vs SKT)

  1. Jatt makes it seem like this was all the strategy, when really SKT should have just disengaged after taking inhibitor, and they should have known Perkz was respawning. Just another mistake from SKT out of many mistakes that led to them losing this series even being in control over 90% of the time. G2's team and individual international experience was the difference, they capitalized on the myriad of mistakes from SKT, who didn't deserve to win. SKT seemed to almost be disrespectful in their play at times, Faker flashing forward to Ult PerkZ with no vision of the rest of G2 on G2's side of the map and getting caught in a match point game is just greed. Ultimately the better team play focused team won this day, remember Fnatic hype going into Finals last year, I predicted IG would smash Fnatic. This is going to definitely be closer but FPX are no slouches, will be a great finals to say the least, as an SKT and TL fan, I'll be happy for either team. I'm just looking forward to a great series, hopefully.

  2. I think the only way for SKT to win that I can see if, at 1:02 Nautilius ults gragas and faker finishes him. Nautilius helps kill Orrn .
    Vladimir dies to jankos (olaf) and syndra.
    Vladimir it looks like will can probably survive and kill the olaf solo. Or at least live without dieing by kiting back.

    Orrn (wunder) and gragas (micky) are dead. Syndra needs to base, olaf is retreating or dead, yasuo (perkz) is running to the fight without any initiation.

    on SKT: Varus (Teddy), Nautilius (mata), faker all survive with more than half health.
    Vladimir (khan) is alive and can heal on minions or base.

    So it's literally just Perkz vs Teddy Mata and Faker with Vladimir either basing or choosing to heal on the wraths.

    At minimum it's probably the end of the fight and a stalemate. Perkz doesn't engage and perhaps Olaf and definitely gragas are dead. for a 2 for 1 win fight for SKT. I definitely think chances are that SKT lose the next team fight though.

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