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The $2000 Dollar Linux Phone | Librem 5 USA

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Well isn’t this interesting… a $2000 dollar Linux phone. Yeah, that is three zeros and I must say this phone… is different.

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20 thoughts on “The $2000 Dollar Linux Phone | Librem 5 USA

  1. I do like the Librem 5 – the biggest attractor for me is the kill switches. The down side is that its useless in Aussie without the BM818-T1 modem. But the $2000USD price tag – that is specific government not consumer.

  2. For 2000 bucks, only 3gb ram, 32gb eMMC storage, old processor, no 802.11ac (lmao), just nothing. The camera cannot be that great.

    This thing is hot garbage.

  3. That price tag just tells me that the manufacturing infrastructure isn't quite there yet to make a no compromises Linux phone. From what I know about Purism they are not a company that has any desire to screw customers over so this just tells me that the cost of manufacture is too high for mass market distribution right now.

  4. This is what you get when you pay first world country wages for manufactured goods.
    We've all come to expect the kinds of prices that come from manufacturing done in foreign sweat shops.

  5. Here in Brazil, iPhones cost the price of a car and we get about ~$240 a month of minimum wage. The iPhone 11 Pro 64GB sells here for ~$1835, the 512GB sells for ~$2317. Macbooks Pro cost 3x that value, ~$5937. At least the shipping is free (but usually our products disappear).

  6. On their website they are asking 699 US but you have to wait 6 months to get one. What I would like to see is Linux ported to a cell phone that is easy to install and it works. Man you could make you old Note 4 or something like that work way better than with the android that is no longer receiving updates.

  7. You lost me when you started saying no one is going to pay 2000 for a phone… I would rather pay 2000 for a phone and not have to replace it for 5-10 years (Like an iPhone), than have to replace it every 2 months because I bought a cheap POS.

  8. This is a low end smartphone by today's standards. Not only wouldn't I buy it for $2000, I wouldn't want it if they gave it to me.

    As for selling it to the government, why should they buy this when they could buy 3.33 toilet seats for the same price?

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