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The 7 Best Tools For Website Testing – How To Test a Website

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In this video, I will discuss the 7 best tools (some of them free tools!) you can use to test your website. I talked about why you should test your website in this video here:

#1 Nibbler – http://nibbler.silktide.com/
Free tool where you enter your website’s URL and it will give you a score out of 10 for key areas such as SEO and social media

#2 PageScoring – it appears PageScoring is no longer live 🙁 – update 25/08/2018

#3 GTMetrix – https://gtmetrix.com/
Uses both Google Page Speed and Yslow to grade your website’s performance and provide actionable recommendations.

#4 Pingdom https://www.pingdom.com/
Analyse load speeds & learn how to make them faster. The tool allows you to trace your website’s performance history and test from multiple locations.

#5 Sort Site http://www.powermapper.com/products/sortsite/
A one click website testing tool to analyse an entire website, each page is checked against more than 700 standards based chgeckpoints.

#6 W3C Validation Tool https://validator.w3.org/
A free tool that evaluates site performance against W3C open standards

#7 Wave Accessibility Tool – http://wave.webaim.org/
You can be fined if your website is found to discriminate against people with disabilities. This tool will evaluate your site against accessibility standards.

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  1. What copyright information is available for this video? I'd like to use is at material for a graduate course I'm helping to develop…

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  3. say I have develop an web application and host it on server and 1000 of people were accessing at the same time the same resources thus this tools all check all this staff.

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