Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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The Bad Websites Association

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21 thoughts on “The Bad Websites Association

  1. I used to work for a University – their old student intranet used to be called "MWE Portal" for some reason. Opening up the code, I noticed someone had hidden the lyrics to "Still Alive" in there, which I thought was just incredible. Always worth having a poke around under the hood.

  2. Hey Alex, I’m interested in doing the same as you, changing career and going into development. Was just interested in the course that you’re doing because there’s loads about and I’m not sure which ones to go for. Cheers! Enjoying the videos

  3. I logged on to the Lufthansa website recently to obtain my boarding pass. It asks for the end of validity date for one's passport and has pulldown options. Having clicked on these (i.e. not typed in anything myself), it came up with a warning "invalid date!". That's pretty bad.

  4. Great video! Was just hoping there’d be another Nerminon video soon. I’m in the same boat as you man sort of, ten years on I am back at uni but I am learning to be a counsellor. It is actually really fun, I forgot how much I enjoy academic work! Hope you’re enjoying your course, you’re obviously an intelligent bloke you deserve a good programming job. I would have done programming in another life.

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