Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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The Divephoria | Finals (Worlds 2019, Episode 4)

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The Divephoria returns to cover Worlds! In this week’s episode, Drakos, Vedius, Kobe and Jatt review Semifinals and make their predictions for Finals.

1:04 G2 vs. SKT
– 1:15 Which team was playing “better League of Legends”?
– 8:59 The differences between G2 and SKT
– 14:35 Forced errors and mistakes in this series
– 22:50 Did we see peak G2 vs. peak SKT?
– 24:19 The draft
– 29:10 The difference in the game between the past and the present
– 40:01 The current state of the LCK
52:44 FPX vs. G2
– 57:38 LEC vs. LPL and the difference from last year
– 1:01:46 FPX vs. IG
– 1:04:25 The draft
– 1:13:30 Last thoughts on Finals
1:16:04 Twitter questions


48 thoughts on “The Divephoria | Finals (Worlds 2019, Episode 4)

  1. I wonder if there will be a divephoria for the finals. Last year The Dive went from recapping Worlds semis straight to covering offseason transfers because the Chinese team stomped 3-0, so odds are there won't be one lol

  2. Jews vs Europeans. The insane vs the super rational. This is the contrast of na dive vs EU phoria.
    "You can play perfectly and still lose" – jew
    "No that defies the meaning of perfect" – european

  3. 40 minutes talking about how good G2 Is and only like 10 minutes to talk about fpx and they keep bringing g2 up, that bias lol.
    Edit: good think FPX smashed them

  4. It's so funny… Our boys – Vedi and Drakos talking on and on and the 2 Amerac casters wanted to say something but were't allowed….Hehe.. They tried several times…

  5. NA completely lost their minds and forgot how to play league this worlds. They're not actually as bad as worlds made them look, they just all CHOKED. FNC choked too, actually. Splyce sorta did, G2 ALMOST did, but got back into it after their 2 game loss to griffin.

  6. Vedius you are talking some serious bull in this. I mean I love you as an analyst and caster but its almost like your trying to explain the meaning of life. If you don't succeed in making a point the first 12 times maybe stop trying!. Yes Jatt and Kobe are from NA so their credibility and game knowledge is totally questionable to say the least but they making some good points here dude. Who cares about what the 'perfect game' is. Nothing is absolute.

  7. G2 economics: like Vedius said, 4 jatt-bugs dragon and tower for 2 jatt-bugs kill and tower. Also poker reference, definitively what they are doing: taking calculated risks. But here is what is not talked about enough: minimising losses. Realising when the game is on the line vs short term advantage and a possible win. When they int it's seldom a game winning moment. But watch when the game is determined: it's almost perfect plays from G2. G2 economics always weighs in and when they need to focus they really focus. The rest of the game – laughs and smiles.

  8. The part where I don't agree with Vedius' logic about who played better (for a larger percentage of the time) is that, yes, SKT did get early leads through plays and outplays, but at that point, "playing better" would mean snowballing that advantage.

    Yet, G2 kept the gold difference small and traded objectives efficiently (all while at a theoretical disadvantage), which means they played about equally well, albeit from a slight gold disadvantage.

    Like, imagine football (soccer), one team scores an early goal, for the next 80 minutes, both teams play equally well and then the other team scores twice at the end to turn the result around. You wouldn't say the first team played better just because they scored their lone goal early and were playing with a lead while the rest of the match was even.

  9. I think it's like 65/35 for fpx. They similar to G2, but beyond synchro, fpx have perfect mutual positioning consider skills. Like Champs was in place to chain other Champs skills, before it happens. So all combos can happen in like 0,5s. G2 for win need 1game on 100%form, 1 lucky game, and 1 with secret pick that catch fpx off guard. Let's go G2!

  10. But but vedius league of legends isnt a time based game like capture the point. If you are slightly winning for 40 minutes it matters way less than winning a lot in 10 minutes. If you only need to win for 10 minutes to win because you can win a lot while winning you’ve ultimately played better league because you won, and the marginal difference is 0% time based.

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