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The Linux File System…for humans

1 min read

The Linux File System is not as scary or complicated as you might think.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Engineer Man

47 thoughts on “The Linux File System…for humans

  1. This is why people still run out and buy Windows, they're too lazy to absorb all this info.
    Still enjoyed the video anyway, and free has always been my favorite price lol.

  2. If naming convention for harddrives is:
    1st harddrive = sda, 2nd harrdive = sdb, 3rd harddrive = sdc, etc (see 3:00)

    What happens if I have more than 26 harddrives?
    nothing to add after sdz? 😀

  3. I can't believe I haven't run across any documentation that points this out about /usr but you hit on it. Originally /usr was the user folder on the Unix system. Later, discs got bigger and one thing lead to another and now even /usr can be available from an initram. So why have /usr/bin and /bin as separate folders at all? Well, I think it is best to think of /usr as userspace. This was typically what was done for a long time. /bin were system tools and /usr/bin were more or less userspace tools. We can set our systems up however we want of course, but I think it is kind of bad for to just have a symlink between /bin and /usr/bin. same for sbin lib etc. It is the same separation as /usr and /usr/local — where /usr is system wide and /usr/local is for local use…..it is an abstract theory though, so of course, we can set our systems up however we want to….

  4. I went from Windows to Linux (mint) . One of my problems was knowing where to put my files. I didn't know where to look for things. Linux mint can be be used like windows that is, you can get around without having to use the command line. I ended up going back to windows because a couple of programs that use quite a bit did not run on linux. Linux was not bad at all I just couldn't find documentation on what everything was and where things go.

  5. In my opinion the directory named "/root" should-be/should-have-been renamed to "rootu" (for root user) or possibly even "default" (although that might not be too good) to eliminate confusion between the root directory and the directory named "/root".

    I guess people can get away with saying "slash root", but still it is not the most clear or intuitive.

  6. Hey thank you Engineet Man for these videos on Linux. Im going to use these for teaching my students to learn more on linux systems. So u know your videos will be my inspiration to teach others, I hope this satisfies U :))

  7. I just wanted to troll a little. I started with Dos, then Novell Netware and then LInux. Pretty straight forward until I heard one day. I can't click it to fix it. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Okay enough for me now. 😉

  8. You have no idea how helpful your videos are. I have to deal with a strange Debian variant running on a Lenovo NAS that offers features like a MySQL server, but with their configuration and binary files scattered around in non-standard file locations, placed there by proprietary installers supplied by Lenovo. They don’t release updates often, so updating anything is risky, or a pain at least. Your video restored my memory about the common Linux file system, and helped sort out a couple of things. Thanks!

  9. In terms of the whole GNU vs Linux naming … ehm … fest — you know, should it be called just Linux, or GNU, or GNU/Linux, or LiGNUx, or any of a number of barely pronounceable and/or daft alternatives, etc — which parts of what is being described are unarguably Linux, the kernel; and how much is other-than-Linux (and so, assuming the appropriate code is in use, is a candidate for being covered by the term GNU)?

  10. Hey EM, love watching your vids and learning new things. Just wanted to drop in some feedback, not sure if others are experiencing this but it seems YouTube might be cutting off a little bit of your videos around the edges, making it tricky to see some of the text and stuff on the screens. Maybe there's a way to add a bit of blank space/margins?

  11. Great job. I am quite recent to Linux but finally made the switch and now I just cannot touch Windows OS anymore. By the way, I really enjoy videos. Keep them coming!!

  12. This is great, I use 2 linux boxes for firewall and telephone, (pfsense and FreePBX) I gotta get better with them. I also need to capture and save Disk images of old industrial hardware and DD is apparently the way to get this done. At the moment I use a hardware clone device and that requires drives. Saving files would work better for this.

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