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The Linux Kernel is no longer Free Software?

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# Common questions:
What distro(s) do you use?
* Office PC: Manjaro GNOME
* Laptop: Manjaro GNOME
* GPD WIN 2: Manjaro GNOME
* Steam Machine: Manjaro GNOME
* Server: Ubuntu 18.04

# What do you use to edit your videos?
Audio editing: Audacity
Video editing: KdenLive

# Why aren’t you using other video services like LBRY or PeerTube?
I am on LBRY: and I also have a BitChute mirror.
Most PeerTube instances have a data quota that just doesn’t serve my channel well. My videos are high-res (4K) and I’d exceed most quotas in one or two videos.

# What are your machines specs?
Office Rig:
* AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
* AMD Vega 64
* 32 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Steam Machine:
* Intel Core i7 at 3.8 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
* 12 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Backup Rig:
* Intel Core i5 at 3.4 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
* 8 GB of RAM

* AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 1GB
* 8 GB RAM

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25 thoughts on “The Linux Kernel is no longer Free Software?

  1. DRM doesn't make sense anywhere in the digital age,

    DRM is supposed to prohibit copying of protected material, well. Bytes don't care, bytes don't care whether they're numbers, text, or protected material. Copying bytes is fast and basically free, it's a pipe dream to control what types of bytes can and can't be copied.

  2. Your question about HDCP. GPU's have had HDCP support since at least 2006 so I would say it wouldn't have a issue nvidia uses HDCP 2.2 and I forget what amd uses. They have this because of blu-ray supports since most use HDCP for copyright

  3. Yep. The first time I heard about HDCP was when I had issues with it doing something legitimate. I wasn't aware Linux was HDCP compatible, and that is horrible indeed.
    I managed to find a device to bypass it for 20 bucks. HDCP, like any DRM, will not stop motivated people and will cause problems for the rest of your audience.

  4. 10:08 Ulimately gardner, there are two very practical examples of what you have put forward today.
    A, is the informas canonical historical record of attaching Ubuntu to a TV.
    ( and Mark's failure contained within )

    the second,
    B, is the the Linux Libre kernel …. you can research that yourself, but I am sure you've noticed it from time to time. It is rarely heard though 🙂

    .the result of these two example combining and the algebra of that, rests in the web-address

    A word of advice gardner ….
    purism is not about replacing the monitor deal with trisquel or even purism tv for the same tecgnical reasons why there is you cannot get UTV to operate on an android box.
    You may disagree, and I understand that, I really do, pal.
    What distrurbs me slightly is that the reporter your gettibg your shots from is not, I repeat not a purism fan (he, like others thinks that until we acquire the apps = it is a juvenile bag of components*)
    In future I would kind of rely on the free culture abit nore than getting inbetween a Stallman* or Roy sandwich, which din't taste that good btw.

    *1, as you've seen is not the answer to whether the Librem5 is capable (or even should) run DRM – thats not what its for. It powerful enough to build facebook V2 & that is wha purism is about (and by that I am including whatever you think either facebook versin 2 or mastodon version 2 would realize as).

    *2 Stallman spoke at MS Hq recently – which ultimately was the dog whistle he never wanted to blow, but hey, we're a community… am I correct?

    you'll initially be confused, bemused and have that quizicle face a dog pulls when it can't fibd it's bone after a long look, about this comment, but I wush you well on your Linux jouney.

  5. As someone who works in small scale broadcasting, HDCP is something I run into and have to handle frequently. To answer your question of where HDCP is implemented, the answer is unfortunately it depends. It is does not take much to implement, but where the thing is it has to be done at a higher level (i.e. in the software itself) to be able to toggle it on/off depending on the content being displayed at a given time. It is not in the file itself, but the software basically has agreements with the companies (like say Netflix and Disney) that it will not be played without proper protection in place. This means official Linux support would break that agreement if Linux didn't have this capability built in. This is why it has to be able to be driven at the kernel level, because it has to be able to toggle HDCP on/off depending on if the software (Netflix in this case) is commanding HDCP to be enabled.

  6. as far as I remember, HDCP keys are in compatible devices, meaning they are in the card, but they also need to be on the OS, the blueray drive and the TV, the whole chain is supposed to be protected that way. So Hulu just works, because some HDCP compliance has been introduced in the Linux Kernel sometime back in 2017. If it was not the case, you should had a nice "HDCP unauthorised Content Disabled" error from Hulu 🙂

  7. I wonder when companies will learn that drm just hurts the honest buyer because if someone wants to get your product for free, they will find a way to get it for free. Denuvo was suppose to kill piracy and yet it still getting cracked…

  8. "What would it take for you to trust Microsoft?", that is pretty idiotic question. Microsoft is corporation that wants to make money, it's too big that anybody can really control it, so it will do whatever it figures is the highest risk/reward ratio. And Linux and open source are the biggest threats to Microsoft, Linux already took servers. And Google already showed how by manipulating Linux, they could destroy any hope for smartphone/mobile Linux platforms.

  9. Learn to be effective Pirate, and teach pirating to your friends and family. And possibly to everybody on the internet. I'm not going to pay a dime for any service that requires DRM. And learning to use torrent/magnet and other P2P software/standards are really important for finding knowledge that you can't find on public internet.

  10. DRM was created so that company's could maintain ownership of something that a customer paid for….you bought it but it still isn't yours…we're just allowing you to use it how and when WE see fit, and if you don't like it, thanks for the money but you can no longer have what you bought….would you like to buy it again on a different platform?

  11. Android was supposed to be open and accessible for owners to be able to do with their devices what they wanted to do with them. Now big manufacturers have put their layering over android and lock us out claiming proprietary software. Android was not supposed to be like this. We were supposed to be be able to do with our devices what we wanted to do, mod it anyway we chose. Now we're stuck with factory bloatware apps that we CAN'T DELETE, Facebook and Google. We can only disable Facebook and in order for it to work properly, you NEED GOOGLE. I don't want Google and Facebook on my device. But in order for it to work properly you need Google and you can only disable Facebook. And in order to have a decent, up to date device, you need to accept Google and Facebook on my device. Very few phones allow bootloader to be unlocked, phone rooted and a custom recovery installed. Because of the manufacturers layering for different devices they're claiming proprietary software and they're steps ahead of modders able to unlock bootloaders and root our devices. That's not what android was supposed to be!!! I was in the beginning of the people who modded devices… I had an HTC M7 that had unlocked bootloader, was rooted, TWRP recovery and Exposed Framework to tweak it however I liked. People forget that android was supposed to be ours… And they just gave it up. I hope this doesn't happen to Linux!!!

  12. Maybe we need to have an HDCP breaker device in every home such that they wont use it anymore. Same with most DRM. Maybe we need to write a DRM module for each of those DRM schemes that breaks the DRM instead of supporting it… Though that could get messy.

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