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The National Hurricane Center provides an update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY

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Hurricane Dorian hurtled toward the United States and strengthened to a 140-mph, Category 4 “major” hurricane ahead of its expected landfall Monday into Tuesday along Florida’s east coast, forecasters say.


Hurricane warnings were put in place in the northwestern Bahamas as Dorian approached the island nation. A direct hit in the Bahamas is likely on Sunday into Monday.

Forecasters say Dorian will likely slow down considerably as it approaches Florida, allowing for heavy rainfall, dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge to linger.

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22 thoughts on “The National Hurricane Center provides an update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY

  1. Sunday afternoon in Orlando. Just tuned this in. They are calling 145MPH winds. Gee that's gotta be 12 hours old. It's at 185MPH. Thanks USA TODAY. Live? Bullshit. This isn't big enough for some major media to be covering in real time?

  2. What wasn't mentioned in this video is that there's a high pressure system coming in from the west , and if it gets to the coast faster than the low pressure from the north, it could push the whole storm further south, keeping South Florida in it's path. personally, I think the storm is going move further to the south and west than the models suggest.

  3. Unless this storm miraculously tuts out to sea Florida and even S Carolina are gonna experience some real serious weather.if you haven't
    evacuated you better have a good shelter

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