Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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The Penta | 2019 Worlds Semifinals

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48 thoughts on “The Penta | 2019 Worlds Semifinals

  1. Too bad skt messed up but it's fine skt will always find a way to be at the top spot maybe next year we will see them Dominating other teams SKT 4Ever

  2. Why are people praising Perkz for that last play? He literally walks up, Micky is the one that allows Yasuo to ult and then it's just Yasuo running to the enemy champs one by one.

    He did barely anything impressive there.

    Yes he is maybe the best player in the world. But this play doesn't show that. This could've been any Yasuo at the end.

  3. That was really disappointing. Did the people who put this together even watch the two series this past weekend? I feel like no, or they would have picked better fights.

  4. Thinking back at the semis I feel like G2 actually had the least highlight plays of all teams. They’ve got high mechanics and great players but they literally just outplay you through decision making and macro rather than totally outplaying a single team fight to win.

  5. Greatest team Europe have ever produced… Heard of the 1st and 2nd place finnish that FNC got in 2010 & 2018 Worlds? There are numerous more silverware but I guess this ****head of a commentator is to stupid to remember that

  6. hey is anyone wondered why those three in the phoenix mv is in the semifinals or rather those four including funplus phoenix. and i wonder why is it always 3-1 in a series since quarterfinals, is that the 3 teams(SKT, G2, IG) – 1 team (FPX).

  7. The scariest thing about G2 is that they WILL get gold on their carries, it can’t be denied. They catch side waves so well. The number 1 play shows that is a certainty as it has been all worlds. Gg G2!

  8. I really don't see how n°5 and 3 are impresive. I've they had lost these fight, it would have been really embarassing for them when you know the setup.

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