Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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The Real Reason These Disney Kids Aren't In Descendants 3

2 min read

Find Out Why These Disney Princess Kids Are Missing In Descendants
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Why don’t we get to meet all the Disney Princesses’ kids in the “Descendants” movies? Join us as we reveal why these kids didn’t make the cut. Some of them actually appear in the novels by Melissa de la Cruz, the animated TV shorts “Wicked World”, and the web series “School of Secrets”. Guess whose daughters are called Ruby and Anxelin, who has a son called Li’l Shang, and who is Aziz’s mom!

We theorize about who Snow White’s kid could be at Auradon Prep, and also give you the lowdown on Jasmine’s son. From Rapunzel and Ariel to Mulan’s other child, we’ve got all the facts you need to know. Keep watching to discover who got cut from the films, even though an actor had apparently been cast to play the role! Make sure you tell us in comments which Disney kid you’d most like to see in “Descendants 3”. Remember to subscribe to TheThings for more great videos like these, and thanks for watching!

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38 thoughts on “The Real Reason These Disney Kids Aren't In Descendants 3

  1. Ariel granddaughter is in the ste it off scene in the first movie she is inn the wheel chair she wven has lines and pochahantas isnt even A PRINCESS

  2. Mulan isn't really a princess. She didn't Mary a prince, she married the GENERAL. Not a king and not a prince. She is still Disney though and that is good enough for me

  3. (Gasps)Ooh,Awh,. Sweet elegant Aurora…-begginning. Snow White! The most iconic Princess of all time. Cinderella…as lovely as her name…-

  4. I'm Wondering if Disney's Villains like
    Madame Medusa
    Amos Slade
    Bill Sykes
    Shan Yu
    Helga Sinclair
    Lyle Tiberius Rourke
    Alameda Slim
    Prince Hans
    and Bellwether
    are on the The Isle of thr Lost as well too.

  5. Technically Mulan Is not a Disney Princess because she never married a Prince and she never was a princess because Captain Li Shang Was captain of the Royal army which means he was not a Prince so that does not technically make Mulan a princess So you can stop Saying she is a princess because she is not. Get your facts straight.

  6. I think it’s cuz they have powers
    Elsa rapenzal And Ariel have powers and I guess the only people they wanted to show was mal and uma as having powers or all the attention would go to them

  7. but that girl looks to have RED hair not blonde hair. Or at the very least straw-berry blonde hair which would make her more of a candidate for Cinderella's daughter

  8. Snow white: Evie? Someone named evie created her gown?
    For being a news reporter she really is left In the dark to not know who evie is she very well could be her sister. I mean the evil queen was married to the king aka Snow whites father before.

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