Thu. Nov 7th, 2019

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The Return to Darwin Project (Darwin Trailer)

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I am Back . . . My first Darwin Project Stream back is Tomorrow (September 1st) at 4Pm Est. I am super excited to hop back in the arena and play! Hoping that you guys decide to join the fight as well, so come lobby snipe me and hang out!


The Discover Darwin Initiative:
(More Information for Content Creators and Fans of Darwin Content)

This movement plans are to create a way for all Darwin Content Creators (of any size) to communicate, plan and grow Darwin together. The idea is to bring together a group of people who love and want to see Darwin grow and succeed. As of today, I am going to be putting most of my energy and power into Darwin Project content.

The @Darwin Content Creators in my Discord are the people who will be helping to make this into a reality. We will all be supporting and collaborating with each other on Youtube, Twitch and Mixer. Also, will be sharing all our content into the darwin-content and live-on-darwin chats. Cool Darwin clips will be posted in darwin-clips! We are going to make a one-stop destination for all Darwin content

When I am live, I will be asking people to Lobby Snipe me to Fill Lobbies and create a fun game environment. I also will be Streaming Darwin from the NYC Microsoft Store Studio weekly starting in a few weeks. Hopefully we can get some attention to Darwin by doing this. I will also be posting on Youtube on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (NO Daily Uploads Minitages due to Darwins low fights per game). I will be doing many Collabs and fun challenge days though (which I will be asking Darwin Content Creators to join in on)

If we can get enough people involved, we might bring back a game show fun tournament like Darwin or Die and More! I’m super excited to see what we can do and help people Discover Darwin.

Hopefully you guys are on board with the idea and if you’re looking to join as a Darwin Content Creators, Dm me! Also, contact anyone you know who might be interested! Let’s do this!


Check Matterall out at:

Check Aptum (Editor) out at:


Join the Fedora Crew Discord Community:
FedoraCrew Invite Code:


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