Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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The Ultimate Compact PC (2019) – Streacom DA2 Review (fixed)

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We check out the Streacom DA2, by building both a regular high end machine and the ULTIMATE Compact PC, inside of it.

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48 thoughts on “The Ultimate Compact PC (2019) – Streacom DA2 Review (fixed)

  1. On the subject of heat… i miss the "old" days when i was running the FX platform. The best combo ever: Gaming rig + Ambient heater LOL. Now, things are just lame… My Skylake cant get to ~60C.

  2. You don't need a screwdriver to open the side-panel, but you need one for absolutely everything else inside. Well that was worth the less securely-attached side-panel. ¬_¬

  3. I love small form factor pc's. I used to build custom pcs with glass side panels, leds and whatnot but the pc was always ending up tucked away around my desk and I never cared about looking at the pc. In 2011 I bought an alienware x51 and that pc was rock solid for 7 years. I did have to change gpu once and I was ready to do it again after 7 years but wanted to upgrade to new cpu, ram and nvme drives. Ended up with cyberpowerpc's zeus II. Bigger than the x51 but it does have 1 gig nvme, i7-9700k and a 1080 card. Runs everything 1440p on ultra without any hiccup.

  4. Why does it say please "don't spoil endgame" in the opening joke? That was a thing like a month ago. Is that how old the video is? Like how long did it take to post?

  5. Great for a Collage kid with just that much space under the bed. lol But wouldn't it be easier just to buy a gaming laptop?

  6. hmm… so out of curiosity how many of you other viewers click these because of the clickbait excitement thumbnails? I like this guy's subject matter but honestly can't stand the clickbait crap that he does. yes i've watched his video talking about clickbait thumbnails where he showed the numbers that back up the practice as being effective, but i'm curious what the ratio is here of people like me who watch begrudgingly despite the thumbnails to people who click BECAUSE he has an excited/overreacting face in the thumbnail.

  7. The height to width ratio is off. Making it look like the chubby version of what the case should be.
    Plus the bump for the power button and USB connection clashes with the rest of the design.

  8. This is great for college. You can bring it back and forth and not have to worry about the size and if you have a water cooler it'll be pretty safe in transport.

  9. Or uh… just do what you said earlier and put a 90mm intake fan in the back. Problem solved. I really don't understand how the ambient air available to the GPU could be that hot tho. It has it's own routing spot underneath for good clean air, and heat rises, so the air available to it underneath should be mostly cool. The card is pushing air into it, not out of it, so I don't understand why he refers to the air under the card as exhaust when it should be intake air. I think you should be perfectly fine with the GPU mounted below and sucking in air from the bottom. I don't see why this would be a problem.

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