Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Tiny Core Linux 11 – Super Lightweight for Old Systems

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Tiny Core Linux comes in 3 sizes – an 11MB, 16MB and 106MB ISO size. Its 32bit only and is a good candidate for very old computers. Although my preference is AntiX.
Tiny Core has a very limited software library.



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10 thoughts on “Tiny Core Linux 11 – Super Lightweight for Old Systems

  1. Too new. What do I run on a Z80, 6809, 68000 or 65C816? Where's my breadboard Linux at? Do I have to go to the PGA/QFP chips to run Linux, no DIP luv? I'm casually playing with a 65C816 now, (16bit chip in the SNES/Apple IIgs). Anyone know some fun options?

  2. TinyCore is so tiny and can really speed up a machine but you have to use the right software otherwise loading Firefox just bogs your machine down as its bloated software. If only the web was still as it used to be we could have super fast performance even on old machines. Opera Presto I'd open 233 tabs no on the same hardware you cannot even load the new browsers

  3. You're better off just installing Arch Linux, because you have access to the AUR (Arch User Repository), and a fresh install of Arch uses 33 MB of ram…

  4. I have a atom netbook from the year 2008 which is ridiculously slow with any newer "lightweight" distro. For example. It takes 4+ seconds to open a terminal in those distros. So I will be trying this in the future and see if it is an improvement

  5. I tryed this new version of Tiny core ( full ) on my old 2010 Lenovo S10-3 netbook with a single core Atom and 2 Gb of ram ,, it worked but not that well , I didn`t like it …

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