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Top Ten Trick Plays of College Football

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There are hundreds of different trick plays out there and if we missed one that you felt deserves to be in the top ten of all time, leave it in the comments below for us and the people after you. Thanks!!

27 thoughts on “Top Ten Trick Plays of College Football

  1. Sorry, have to give a HUGE thumbs down. The content is just fine, but good lord, the video quality is garbage…where did you source these clips??? I am guessing from VHS tapes that were exposed to magnets. A lot of these games are not very old, but judging from the video quality you would think it was from 1932.

  2. Boise absolutely ripped the heart out of the entire state of Oklahoma. Should be #1. They were down by 7, on the 50 yard line, 7 seconds away from defeat. Trick play sends it to OT. Then they run another trick play for a TD to put em down by 1. They go for 2 and convert it using another trick play. That scenario will never play out like that again. EVER. That is why it should be #1.

  3. Turner Gill from Nebraska the quarterback in #2 Fumblerooskie did that bounce backward pass play back in 83 called by Tom Osborne. Boise St game was the most memorable one when the trick plays counted.

  4. this is a great list. i have always thought the Broncos were the best trick plays of all time but the planned fumble is so incredibly gutsy and the bounce pass is fantastic. That coach's name should be a household word. that was great.

  5. Need to make an addendum by adding the North Texas Arkansas punt return from last year. When you do an update that should be in the top 5. I realize this list is older than that that's why i'm saying just add it.

  6. FSU's bummerooski was taken from Nebraska – See NU v MO 1975. Bouncerooski also taken from Nebraska – See NU v OU 1982. Fumblerooski obviously another Husker original against The U/Orange Bowl 1984. HUSKERS #1 YES!!!!

  7. Wow they say football is a “copycat league/sport” and there’s no better example than the Clemson two point conversion at NUMBER NINE. . . . . . . . The Philadelphia Eagles so called original play, the PHILLY SPECIAL, is a verbatim Undistinguishable Identical carbon copy of this brilliant Clemson two point play call.

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