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Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow reports on the newly released transcript of the deposition of Mark Sandy, the only OMB official to testify in the Trump impeachment inquiry, in which we learn that two OMB officials resigned over Donald Trump’s hold on Ukraine aid, and it is clear that a paper trail exists showing Trump’s direct hold in the Ukraine hold. Aired on 11/26/19.
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Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

46 thoughts on “Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. How does Barr not just nail anyone involed in this illegal act. This is not just made up things this is written by law so how is tis person still in power. You and I would be in jail faster that you could make it to the bathroom LOL.

  2. you are very confuse.President Trump should not have release a red cent untill all the Obume operatives,spies,agents,sympathizers,cortupt politician leave Ukraine.They are in Ukraine like pestilence,plague and leeches(Blood sucking creatures)

  3. Honest employees who have jobs that require them to enforce rules, regulations and laws will want to leave environments that become criminalized. This can actually work to the advantage of a criminal enterprise, because the vacant job can be filled with people who are lazy, incompetent, immoral, compromised- even part of the criminal enterprise itself. Thus, the power of a criminal enterprise to control government increases when competent government employees find themselves in threatening environments and choose to move on. This leaves citizens unprotected and at the mercy of a shadow government intent on exploitation.

  4. Mark Sandy testified the following when asked if he was ever given a reason why the aid was held:

    “I recall in early September an email that attributed the hold to the President's concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

    Seems like a valid concern since he has done been an advocate for the UN to contribute their fair share his entire presidency. Also shows his intent which is legal and valid.

  5. Woo hoo , NOTHING like a Paper Trail , trump going to have to wait on Fifth Avenue and start shooting these paper droppers , nothing but Laughter in the bars , trump forgot one thing , an a$$- ho does- not have friends .

  6. Trump's actions make sense if you believe that the entire FBI, NSA, DOJ, and CIA are deep state and you have to replace people in those groups who "are not corrupt" to get to the bottom of corruption. Of course, to be that stupid would probably take a lobotomy or two for me.

  7. it was for SAYING there would be an investigation….NOT NOT NOT that there WOULD be an investigation…..WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT EMPHASISING THAT???? FRUSTRATING.

  8. AND, since there's a paper trail, and testimony that tRump got this idea from the media, and that Giuliani wasn't the main bug up tRump's butt, AND, that there's a paper trail from Duffy to tRump, the GOPutin won't be able to make Rudy roo the fall guy, and that the ENTIRE criminal enterprise starts, and ends, with tRump.

    Oopsy daisy….

  9. A widow has a pension check sent in the mail. The postman knows she needs the check and tells her that the only way she gets the check is if “she does a favor’ for him. Any law broken?

  10. Sad that Trump supporters can't see the truth , 6 republicans are locked up 4 more republican are under investigation, people are quitting there jobs in the wh because of what Trump did, but no it's all fake news c'mon, do they not have brains?

  11. Wow who were they Rachel, that is awful , So Two people left there work because of a notion that US held up American tax payers money promised to the most most corrupt state on the planet Ukraine source MSNBC . please Please give they names . The reason I say that is that I do not believe MSNBC. You have been caught out in so so many lies , you are going lower and lower all the time . Put up your 3 grand to the a weekto a lie test Rachel The lie test .

  12. So Mr. Trump has undone legal mechanisms that were put in place to specifically PREVENT him from withholding approved funding and then used that to advance a political agenda that benefits HIM alone.


  13. Troll Kristopher Roth's lies made by re Trump debunked: FEEL FREE TO REPORT THIS TROLL @
    Thinks criticizing Netanyahu is antisemitic conflates repudiation of Zionist-driven atrocities of Palestinians with hating a race.
    1. Gives his entire President paycheck to charities
    NOPE >> to U.S. government agencies BUT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION emolument laws >> two lawsuits
    2. Has given more donations to charity than any President in history
    NOPE >>
    3. Is known for his charity to those in need

    4. Donated 250k to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the 90s NOPE >> no such evidence, but DID find this
    >> Trump Picks a Fight With Al Sharpton, Calls Him a ‘Con Man’ Who ‘Hates Whites’

    " his racism and xenophobia are legendary

    1. Has given more money to more diverse minority charities than any other politician in history.

    2. Donated his private jet to Nelson Mandela
    NOPE >> rented the plane, and "Those were not empty insults, Mandela was keenly aware of the power of his moral authority. He perhaps hoped his loud clamoring against the Iraq War would change hearts, as well as minds. It didn't. Would he have been less or more successful convincing Trump on the merits of NATO or the UN?

    We do know that President Trump admired Nelson Mandela — he said so in a tweet when Mandela died. He also posted a picture of himself and Melania in what appears to be a celebrity photobomb. A frail, older Mandela looks either confused, surprised or unimpressed by the Trumps."
    3. Dated a black woman for 2 years
    is NOT evidence of not being racist >>
    4. Has a practicing Orthodox Jewish son in law
    and 5. Has 2 jewish grandchildren NOPE >> Fighting Calls for Impeachment, Trump Intensifies Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

    6. Sighed (sic) a Historic justice reform bill that cuts inmates sentences by half most are black DOES NOT EXONERATE DECADES OF "casually encouraging police brutality and has obsessively maintained the guilt of the exonerated Central Park Five. Trump broke the promise to work with dems and gop.
    7. Brought the black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment down to the lowest record in history NOPE >> "economists view the continued economic growth since the middle of 2009, when Democratic President Barack Obama was in office, as the primary explanation for hiring. More important, there are multiple signs that the racial wealth gap is now worsening and the administration appears to have done little, if anything, to specifically address this challenge.

    African Americans also had higher income prior to the Trump administration. A black household earned median income of $40,258 in 2017, the latest data available. That's below a 2000 peak of $42,348, according to the Census Bureau."

    8. Appointed very first black woman to General


  14. Hats off and kudos to civi servants who resigned on principle. They also kept themselves from being thrown under the bus. Gives you hope that not everyone will look the other way like Pompeo and Mulvaney.

  15. If a Democrat did a fraction of what Trump did, they would have been impeached by now. If normal citizen/civilian did a fraction of what Trump did, they would be in jail by now. Republicans are a disgrace and an embarrassment for enabling and protecting Trump the Terrible. History will not be kind to them.

  16. Only Trump would counter corruption concerns by committing a corrupt act. Before he even got to the alleged bribery of Ukraine, he first committed the illegal act of withholding the aid in the first place. In Trump’s reasoning that he held back funding of the aid because he was concerned about corruption in Ukraine, he presumed that his supporters would assume that he had the right to even hold up the aid and they would just take his excuses at face value. Of course Trump supporters would never look into a detail like… is it even legal to holdback the aid.

    Trump says he can do anything he wants because Article 2 of the Constitution gives him that power and his supporters blindly believe. that (because they haven’t read the Constitution). So, if course, they won’t think to even question whether withholding the aid in the first place is even legal.

    When Trump said he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose a single supporter, his supporters cheered him on and they were/are blind to the fact that Trump wasn’t paying his supporters a compliment with that statement.

  17. When this whole Ukraine episode became public and the media was focusing on whether there was a quid pro quo, I was questioning why there wasn’t any focus on the holding of the aid that Congress approved, which is illegal by itself. It is basic Civics 101 knowledge that once Congress approved legislation and the President signs the legislation, it becomes law and the President nor anybody else can take an action that goes against the legislation, unless there are provisions within the legislation that allow the President to take contravening acts (like withholding funding). The legislation that provided for Ukraine aid was overwhelmingly approved by both houses of Congress and it did no provide any mechanism for the President to arbitrarily withhold funding for any reason. The legislation did require certifications by the DoD, in conjunction with the Secretary of State, that specified anti-corruption benchmarks had been met by Ukraine as a condition to funding. The DoD provide these certifications twice subsequent to Congress approving the aid, with the 2nd certification dated May 23, 2019. So, Trump didn’t have the legal authority to holdback the Ukraine aid and doing so was a crime by itself.

    In the context of Trump’s alleged Bribery scheme, the crime of withholding the Ukraine aid was committed, which then set the stage for the alleged Bribery to take place. The sequence of these two comes is like someone who steals something from one’s home, as they first have to commit the crime of breaking into one’s home in order to facilitate the crime of stealing something from within one’s house. Even if the burglar ends up not stealing anything from one’s home, they still committed the crime of breaking into one’s home.

    By finally looking into the illegality of withholding the Ukraine aid, it blows up Trump’s stated concern about corruption as his reason for withholding the aid because the act of holding the aid was illegal unto itself. In other words, Trump was supposedly so concerned about corruption in Ukraine that he committed a crime in holding up aid approved by Congress as his response to his corruption concern. That reasoning doesn’t hold water at all and effectively admits to an illegal act as a response to his supposed corruption concerns.

    Additionally, the legislation that Congress approved that allocated the aid for Ukraine had a provision that required the Department if Defense, in consultation with the State Department, had to certify that Ukraine had met anti-corruption benchmarks to ensure the funding of the aid would not be compromised (i.e.- taxpayer money would not end up in corrupt pockets). So, Congress was already dealing with corruption concerns related to the funding of the aid and had a provision in the aid legislation dealing with corruption concerns. The required certification that was required as a condition to funding of the aid to Ukraine was provided to Congress on May 23rd and the certification stated: “Ukraine had made sufficient progress on anti-corruption efforts to merit the security funds” and “Ukraine had improved its ability to ensure accountability for U.S. provided equipment” (see Senate fact sheet linked below for full details).

    So, even if Trump’s holding of the aid to Ukraine was legal (which it was not), the Trump Administration (the DoD in particular) had just certified to Congress that Ukraine had met anti-corruption benchmarks required prior to funding of the aid and, therefore, recommended funding of the aid to Ukraine. So, Trump’s stated reason for withholding the aid to Ukraine is contradicted by his own Administration’s (via the DoD) certification that Ukraine had met anti-corruption benchmarks required under the legislation that provided for the aid in the first place.

    Because the DoD certification was given to Congress on May 23rd, that is the date the aid was eligible for funding to Ukraine. So, Trump has actually been holding the funding since May 23rd. In effect, the Administration was slow-walking the holdback of aid from May 23rd until July 18th by simply not taking any formal action and just doing nothing. Because the Administration could only slow-walk the aid holdback for so long, the Administration had to formalize the withholding of the aid via signed paperwork, which was signed on July 19th as described in this video.

    It is particularly noteworthy that Mr. Sandy’s deposition reveals that, as a career civil servant, he recognized the illegality of signing the paperwork formalizing the aid holdback and suggests consulting OMB Legal to get a legal opinion before signing the paperwork that would formalize the holdback. But Mr. Sandy’s manager, a Trump political appointee and former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, had no trouble breaking the law by signing the paperwork himself. Throughout this episode, it has been demonstrated that the career civil servants are the people who are protecting this country from the criminal acts of the political class in the Administration.

    It is not an insignificant fact that Trump nor any of his appointees will testify under Oath nor provide subpoenaed documents about this Ukraine matter, but they all flap their gums proclaiming innocence to the media. Until Trump and his goons testify under Oath, their claims are “not worth a pitcher of warm spit” (to quote a former VP, John Nance Garner).

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