Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Trump holds first rally since impeachment inquiry began

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Donald Trump will hold his first rally since the impeachment inquiry began in Minnesota. Esme Murphy from CBS station WCCO in Minneapolis joined Red and Blue to break down what the president’s supporters in attendance want to hear from him.

38 thoughts on “Trump holds first rally since impeachment inquiry began

  1. Wow all you Trump haters need to stop watching the lying media do some research! Lowest unemployment in years! Products now being made America again. America now a producer of oil. Tax cuts, regulations cut! Companies coming back to america! Vets now being taken care of! Laws now being enforced! What has the democratic party done for you these last 3 yrs but obstruct!!# walk away

  2. Trump a victim? All the Dems have done from the beginning is trash him and try to reverse his election. Of course reasonable people see that he has been victimized.

  3. The real show was the freaks outside protesting!! My god do they crawl out of the sewers? They wouldn't get hired at a traveling carnival! They say Trump supporters are deplorable???? Liberal supporters are 10 times worse! WOW!

  4. Yes, he's a victim. A victim of ugly.

    A victim of fat. A victim of

    Stupidity. Shoot, a feller could

    Go no for days. What I can't wait

    For. Him. Forgetting to put on his

    Pants. Who's in charge of pants?


  5. Songwriter, go back to school, and learn correct grammar. You dare to show your ignorance, election is singular, not pleural. Your comment to me also shows your limited IQ, do your research on the Syria situation, before you start calling Pres.Trump a "killer", and spouting the MSM talking points.

  6. Lots of Russian Trolls and Bots out on this one posting Trump's lies, then thumbing them up with computer programs that simulate multiple user accounts. Everyone knows most of Trump's base is illiterate.

  7. donald trump has a lot of supporters at his rally who support him screwing the middle class and the poor out of medicare for all or any affordable health care

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