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Trump hosting "Social Media Summit" NON FICTION NEWS"! 7.12.20

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#Obama #Hillary #TRUMP

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24 thoughts on “Trump hosting "Social Media Summit" NON FICTION NEWS"! 7.12.20

  1. Hey Paul Ryan, Trump doesn't know anything about government, I'll give you that. He knows enough to not be a SELL OUT LIKE YOU! You pathetic weak man! SHAME!!! TRUMP2020!!! LOCK EM ALL UP!

  2. * My heart is breaking for Tommy Robinson. I am hoping President Trump will step in and offer him and his Family immunity in the United States…
    Great video my Friend! Keep them coming. Next year YOU will be visiting in the White House!! I'm going to wait a little while longer before I spread your link everywhere, because I don't want them silencing you!!
    Keep up the good work and #WWG1WGA
    Love sweet Maple!! lol… She loves your music, that's for sure…and even knows when the song is ending…lol… So cool.

  3. Congratulations Scott Pressler! I'm so proud of your winning optimism and grace and charm. The sky's the limit, dear one!
    I would twitter or facebook or instagram or something else but I never bought it from the beginning.

    Well done, Sir!

  4. Patriots, please don't wear suits that are skinny – this fashion is on purpose -these are mind-control clothing, to feel it and to see it. they want us Frozen, they don't want humanity to move freely. also men with voices that are so high, with beards, what's up.

  5. If the Democrats are so concerned about foreign influence in our elections,why do they want to allow millions of illegal foreign immigrants to vote?

  6. evil people are pushing good people out of sports, media, newsrooms, any area of employment where good people feel sick to be around them…then where are we left? they are invading kitchens in restaurants, the streets of your cities, look around.

  7. Hi from uk….could someone please explain,when people are driving in and out of mexico or Canada or a road stop the cops ask are YOU AN AMERICAN CITIZEN……..but you CANT ask the same question on a CENSUS form…….?

  8. the only thing obama can brag about is putting criminals in every department, and the billions in cash and gold he stole from this country. brag on obama the king of fraud. wake up america.

  9. its the law makers who are the perverts, thats why there are no laws protecting children, thats why child rape and murder is rampant. crash and burn you freaking perverted loser traitors.

  10. View, copy, and re-post to all platforms, and paste into duckduckgo search engine to locate please

    July 12, 2019 HeydonMusicpageChannel
    Trump hosting "Social Media Summit" NON FICTION NEWS"! 7.12.20

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