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Tutorial 17 – PHP For Loop

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9 thoughts on “Tutorial 17 – PHP For Loop

  1. Please, I need some help with my loop: I create a sequence of prime numbers from $a to $z and give them out in a loop. That works fine and I get the sequence $prime++. But I want to select the $netx_prime too, so that I can can make a stubstraction

    $gaps=bcsub($next_prime, $prime);

    Because actually I want to get the gaps out of the loop. But I have no Idea how to do it.
    I've tried many things, but non of them works with the math. functions like substraction or multiplication

  2. i made mine loop forever to see what would happen. Because its just a webpage and not dynamic like java but it acted dynamic cuz it kept adding to the webpage until it was through in which it never was. lol. so my computer kept getting alower and slower til i hit the stoip button on the browser. lol

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