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Udemy vs SkillShare vs Self hosting with Teachable or Thinkific

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Trying to decide between Udemy, Skillshare, or self-hosting your course with Teachable or Thinkific. Let’s talk about the differences.

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36 thoughts on “Udemy vs SkillShare vs Self hosting with Teachable or Thinkific

  1. Great video Phil! My question is this: Suppose I sell a course on my website for $50 and the same course on Udemy for $10. Wont that anger students who discover they could have paid less? Thank you.

  2. I hate Udemy, I hate Udemy so much… their support is all stock answers, you get crazy stalkers, and currently I am making $300 on 13 courses, some of which are hot topics all of which are above the 70th percentile in the marketplace tool because of their crazy review system which really weights negative reviews and the total impossibility of maintaining SEO. I had a course recently which fell from 4.9 to 4.1 with only one review and the student had only done 35% of the course.

  3. Thanks for making videos which answer specific questions. I'm watching your content because I've recently developed a crafting course on Udemy. Subscribed.

  4. I've heard that Udemy has changed their payment method since the time you made this video and you really can't get that 97% anymore. Can you speak to that?

  5. If i start a lecture series e.g., on advance wireless communication in two different languages e.g.,in hindi and english separately with same content in them only language is different…
    I upload hindi series on YouTube as YouTube is mostly popular in India and english lecture series on Udemy with same content as Udemy is mostly popular in western countries…
    Will it be any infringement in policies of YouTube and Udemy?

  6. From a student's point of view (and I bought probably 50-60 courses on Udemy): 99.9% of programming/web development courses on Udemy are complete and utter GARBAGE! And that includes courses rated with 4.9 stars! So, star rating or "bestseller status" is completely meaningless for determining whether or not a course is any good. It's extremely difficult to find courses on Udemy that are actually worth watching, let alone worth paying for. But hey, that's just a student's point of view!

  7. As a new teacher to skillshare I thought I would be able to get more organic traffic from my classes from people fielding topics. I teach design and it seems like the only views I get is the traffic I bring in on other sources. I have some decent content they just really depend on you to bring in your viewers. My profile with list of classes here.

    i have just published an adobe illustrator crash course on udemy. already made a sale. seems like a better system although I will try to stick with skillshare a little longer and see what happens. Good luck to all.

  8. Thanks for your advice. My question: is it okay to have the exact same course on more than one site at a time? E.g. Udemy, plus teachable?

    You mentioned started on Udemy and then going self hosted. Is this with the exact same course, or creating new courses when it's time to self host?

  9. How does Udemy know if the sale came from your customer or their's? Is self-hosting mean that I have a plug in for a wordpress site or does teachable or thinkific link to my site? thank you.

  10. This was so helpful! I love the advice to be on all of them – and would also love to hear your opinion on how you break down what content you host where? I was thinking about having shorter content on Skillshare/Udemy and longer (more expensive) content on Thinkific. Thoughts?

  11. 97%? I barely get 10% of the sale. I think you fail to disclose the affiliates who rob you and the PPC campaigns from udemy. Its actually a very BAD revenue share.

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