Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

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UK Brexit lawmakers take questions in parliament

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22 thoughts on “UK Brexit lawmakers take questions in parliament

  1. Hilary Benn. What a Blarney mongerer, must be something in the name. We voted LEAVE Hilary and we don't wish to have a second vote cant you hear us all, bunch of JOKERS those that do. The Americans have a Hillary issue too. Can you just imagine if remainers had won and we were requesting a re vote.

  2. Definition of insanity=. Keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. You could turn this off and not come back until Oct 31 and nothing..absolutely nothing ..will be any different.

  3. We are not leaving the EU may dose not have a clue on how to run Britain get her out with Rudd hammond thay are a disgrace to parliament

  4. Sharing the agreement with the public will never happen because the HoL and Commons do not believe that we have the capability to understand. The referendum was also questioned as we (the people) do not or should not have the capability to decide the countries future. What happens to people when they become politicians and lords? Do they receive a knowledge enema on how things should be done?

  5. The Guardian is running the headline today that 'May will destroy Tory party unless she resigns now'

    I say it's the Conservatives inability to deliver Brexit that will destroy the Conservatives…

  6. reported the guardian for its article on tommy robinson the other day

    this rag mislabelled him as far right

    this risks the fairness of an ongoing trial and falls under contempt of court laws

    when the absolute fuktard journos celebrate tommy robinson's contempt of court charges, they are too stupid to understand that it is precedent to throw their own sorry arses in jail if they do not toe the government line in the future

  7. My thoughts if we leve the EU we will become a target ie treraisium and for all how can we help the yong if we nuke or another country the adult s are supposed to set an example for the yong the government are not

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