Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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UK Home Office covertly funds website for Muslim teens from East London

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It’s been revealed that the UK #HomeOffice has been covertly funding a lifestyle #website for #Muslim teens it as part of a counter-extremism strategy, a move infuriated employees, readers and the wider Muslim community there.


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18 thoughts on “UK Home Office covertly funds website for Muslim teens from East London

  1. stop playing the game that controls you…stop voting no consent no more governments world wide ..change the game. what will it take for people to awaken to this scam of mind control..we need a new system folks so stop breathing life by voting into this one and force a new sit down with all the people…your expcting tge same people politicians that cause yhe all the mess to fix it by electing another sell out cock sucker politician …wake up its just a choice

  2. Allah says in the glorious Quran that it is He (Allah) who send down His messenger with truth and guidance so that it can prevail over all how much the idolaters may dislike it
    We all know that whatever is written in the last and final testament that is glorious Quran is final Islam.
    Islam is destined to master all

  3. Islam also means to follow the commandments of almighty God… We humans wants easiness and comforts and make our own laws and are so much fascinated by it that we don't want to see the laws of almighty God

  4. This is the Primary example of the United kingdom SPINNING their Agenda of Decisiveness in The Muslim Countries. There is no such thing as Female empowerment in the MUSLIM World.
    White people step back and leave the rest of the planet alone.
    The United Kingdom should start spending their money on the people of The United Kingdom.
    This Female Empowerment will cause the men of Islam to COMMENCE HONOR KILLINGS OF WOMEN. European countries should stop the BULLSHIT about putting their noses in other countries Affairs and cultures.
    A real women belongs in the kitchen pregnant with lots of children and barefoot.

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