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East Coast Mayhem: Storms Bring Tornadoes, Wind, & Floods

‘DoIt4State’ founder convicted in plot to steal internet domain

Furious steppe fires in the Baikal Region, Russia, leave 240 people homeless as their homes and cattle burn down – State of Emergency

2/3 Of American CFOs Are Predicting A Recession By The Summer Of 2020


  1. I called a attorney about that. I had to SHARE my info no one said they would profit.. They are fring our equipment. Bear called into AJ this after noon. Obama gave out internet to the UN. Did you know our phones are connected to google? I called into The Red Pill dispensary about a week ago.. I tried calling back and my phone was fried. I went into Boost and they were like you have to sign into your google mail.. I never had g mail when I got the phone service. As well when you are banned on YT they take your gmail.. One guy that streams…80 gmail accts. Its all connected. I have yet to be able to go live from my computer since I exposed the bios chips being fried. Red Pill neither can he.. BTW I lost a lappy just 32 days old..Bios chip.

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