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Updating Firmware from within Linux

1 min read

Updating firmware within Linux has been a big challenge through the years, but not anymore! Nowadays, you can update the firmware right from within Linux and in this video I’ll show you the entire process and what this looks like.

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7 thoughts on “Updating Firmware from within Linux

  1. I have a spare Lenovo 330s thats been trying to update its BIOS since last winter. I read horror stories online about devices being bricked , I am very apprehensive about installing 'this' update. My computer functions , or at least seems to be fine running Windows. Every computer in my house runs linux this laptop is like an infection in the ecosystem .
    My main concern :
    It came with the Optane memory the first batch they released of the 16gb. I am also reading people have issues installing linux on Lenovo Laptops with Optane , have you had any experience with that ? I would love to get rid of Windows completely and install Debian , Lenovo ships the laptop with the drives in a RAID0 ( I didnt get the SSD version , the optane supplements the much larger HDD). If I was going to install Linux how would I want to configure the drives so that the Optane does its job ? Im sorry I know that was a few questions but I really don't know who else to ask. I have been stuck on Windows since Dec 28 of last year because I can't find an answer I am happy with. Aside from it all something about the Optane firmware originally had to be changed in order to install linux, which left a chance of bricking the Optane separately. Any thoughts would be appreciated , Thanks.

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