Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Upgrades to the Cigars Daily Website!

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We have been talking about building a new website for a while now. Here’s a look inside where we’ve come to and where we’re headed. Drop a comment with your opinion of the good and the bad.

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31 thoughts on “Upgrades to the Cigars Daily Website!

  1. Thank you very much for the explanation. I wasn't aware of the inventory issues Cigars Daily has. I can see where this would be a challenge, however can turn into an opportunity. Tim you are living proof that smoking cigars makes you smarter! Yesterday I called and spoke with Nikki because I have been patiently waiting and normally it's here within 3 days to Pennsylvania. I left a message and she called me back within an hour and said the order never went through but that this has happened two other times. She promptly corrected everything and fulfilled my order and it is on the way! Proof again that Cigars Daily is the best place and does have the best damn service!

  2. Hey Tim, i got into cigars about six months ago. In my state the legal smoking age is 18, i am 19, however when I go online they ask if you are 21 or older. I understand there are rules and regulation. Is there a way to "get around" that, or should i just stick to my local B&M?

  3. I think a good improvement would be that when I go on the search bar instead of a drop down menu it loads up all of the options with the pictures. So if I type in Padron it just loads all the options rather than have me pick it form the drop down menu and have to go back to the search bar every time I want to see another Padron option. Hope this helps

  4. Great job You are doing Tim. You’ve come a long way stepping out on your own since splitting with Bradley. I am a very BIG fan of yours and your content. Also a big fan of your store. I’m all the way over here in Philadelphia and order from you quite a bit. What turned me on about your store is the odd ball cigars you talk about and carry, I’m a big fan of those type of cigars. I really agree with some of those people in the comments saying you should have a cigar club… great idea and I would surely be one of those subscribers. Keep up the good work my man and I’ll be ordering from you soon.

  5. Hey Tim just wanted to say bnb I enjoy your vidoes.. I've tried to purchase from cigars daily 8a couple of times but I go to other sites and can find the same product at a cheaper price …

  6. First an old school NES shirt, now a Goonies T-shirt. I think we could be good friends. Also, very smart and great job updating the site. Looking forward to more awesome videos in 2020!

  7. Ok Tim, you asked for it. As an avid Cigar consumer I would like to see the following. Ability to: auto search by topics like "Wrapper Type (Habano, Connecticut, Maduro, etc) , Filler Origin(Cuba, Dom, Nic, etc), Flavors (Chocolate, Nutty, Cocoa, Vanilla, Leather, etc) , and Smoke Texture(Buttery, Spicy, etc). I would like to see you guys provide incentives to folks that buy more from you. An example is, I spend about 3-4k each year on cigars and buy from several places because quite frankly some other companies put really good sales up and there is little benefit to spending 20% more at CigarsDaily. Ok, that was the harsh part of my feedback. I absolutely love CigarsDaily and what you provide to folks like myself. I try to log into every live show and have watched every video you have posted. I want to support CD. Help me make that happen.

    Tell your team Thank you for all of the great cigars and amazing customer service in 2019. Keep up the content. Without a doubt, the best cigar content online!

  8. I would love to have something that can break down a list of cigar body and Strength because I don’t know which cigar maker had a good full body cigar that can knock me off my feet other than Southern Draw, and RoMa Craft and I want to know who else has some great sticks

  9. Love the new site. I hope that the ones you reviewed come with your review and flavor notes or a link to the video with the review it helps when I am looking for a specific kind of stick

  10. I'm really glad to hear that you are making changes to your website. Have been a fan of your channel for a long time the reason I shop at Cigars International is because their website was just simply easier to use. However I would much rather give my money to you

  11. Hey Tim, web site is looking really good, very professional. Way to go. One feature I've always enjoyed using on web sites with large quantities of inventory to display is the ability to choose how many thumbnails of the product to display at once. I know many web sites use this to keep response time up for the customers, but with better and better bandwidth, I'd rather choose to see 120 items on a page rather than continually clicking through the 12 that are displayed for me. Just a thought. Oh and I have to say, your drive and enthusiasm for your career/hobby is contagious.

  12. The Website is amazing, I have ordered from you guys three times I think, one thing I want to bring up is that the bargain bin link on the bottom of the home page doesn’t work. It just says the page isn’t found. I don’t know if this is a problem or if it’s because there are no cigars currently on clearance.

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