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Upload Your Website to the Internet – EASY!

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➢FileZilla FTP program:
➢Article for this video:

35 thoughts on “Upload Your Website to the Internet – EASY!

  1. Nice tutorials. But I still don't get how to like update your website like change some old photos and all that probably different background color. It would help if you do a video on that. Awaits your reply

  2. each time I upload my website and cross check I discovered my images and CSS formatting are not showing. just the HTML alone, I always upload the HTML page along with images and CSS files but I don't see them when I test it out on www.

  3. thank YOU Drew, great content and nice way to explain things! After following a few of your tutos I was able to make a responsive website with som fancy stuff, I lost 5 kg and didnt see chicks for weeks but thats ok .. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

  4. soory,, u can help me to make a application GMAP and laravel or codeigniter?

    fitur i want :

    1.dinamic dragable to text input longitude and latitude, and save to the database.
    2.showing the market from database and change the icon.
    3. rekomendation to me to view near way some place to any place..

    so help,, and sory icant speak english,, iam from bali, indonesian people. thanks

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