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Using a 11 Year Old Computer with Linux Mint

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In this video, I am using a antiquated AMD Athlon II Regor 245 based computer with 8 GB of ram on Linux Mint. I found the motherboard and cpu in the garage, the motherboard is a Asus M4A785TD-EVO. I used this computer from late 2009 to 2013 with Windows 7 Ultimate, and it worked well with that operating system. It was a computer I used in my bedroom, and it wasn’t my primary computer. My primary computer at the time was a Phenom II 945 built around the same motherboard as this computer. I put this computer into retirement in early 2013. I was thinking about trying to install Windows 10 on this computer, but I gave up on that idea after I installed Windows 10 on the Phenom II 945. That didn’t work too well, the Phenom II 945 runs very sluggishly in Windows 10. Since I was only using that computer as a file and fax server, I continue to use it for those reasons.

The reason why I put it together was because I had a lot of spare parts lying around, like extra power supplies, ram modules, hard drives, graphics cards, and cases. The power supply was from a Dell Dimension something, but it was a 265 watt PSU. After I put it all together, I had an idea of testing it on Linux Mint, because I installed Linux Mint on my Dell Optiplex 360. I wanted to see if I could turn this contraption into a usable computer.

To my surprise, Linux Mint ran surprisingly well. It will be possible to give a new lease of life to old computers like this. You can use computers that are 10 to 14 years old given that they have at least dual cores, and 4 GB of ram. Dual core CPUs will work harder than quad core CPUs, and they will get hotter. In today’s world, you need at least a quad-core computer, but with Linux Mint you can use a 11 year old dual-core computer. You can pretty much do everything with it, like browsing the internet, checking email, social media, purchasing things online, instant messaging, watching DVDs, stream videos, word processing, spread sheets, and most basic things everyone uses a computer for. However, it will not be a gaming computer, or used as a video editor.

Going back 29 years, when they came out with a new operating system, you usually had to get new computer hardware. For example, when they came out with Windows 3.0 back in 1991, you needed to get a faster CPU, more ram, and a better graphics card. If your computer didn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements than your computer would run too slow, or not work with that operating system. The same thing happened when they came out with Windows 95, you needed to have at least a socket 5 Pentium based computer to use Windows 95 with 16 MB of ram. So on and so forth.

When I installed Linux Mint on this computer, I didn’t have to install any drivers, everything was automatic. The operating system found out what kind of hardware I had and installed all the drivers for these components. If you have an old computer lying around, you don’t have to throw it away. You can simply convert it to a Linux box like I did.


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