Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Using FCM send and receive foreground web push notification in PHP/MySQL part4

1 min read

Using FCM Web Push Notification in PHP/MySQL
send and receive notification foreground

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22 thoughts on “Using FCM send and receive foreground web push notification in PHP/MySQL part4

  1. hello,
    this video is working for me in chrome.
    but in Firefox, I am getting this error code in console "messaging/failed-serviceworker-registration"
    could you tell me, how could I am able to fix it?

  2. Very useful and Awesomeeeeeee tutorial.Can i ask one doubt? that is if i want to subscribe or listen this push notification in all web apps run in different machine then what will the change in code

  3. Awesome my friend. very helpful. Keep doing up great up. Remember, a small video like this can change life of lakhs of people and people like me to make their dream success with these features.

  4. Thanks a lot for this tutorial it's very clear and explain well and it's work perfectly after a little adaption because i use WAMP and it's a little bit different for creating a cerificat and for passing on https

  5. Awsome tutorial Durgesh.
    As an advise, you must improve your English pronunciation. I was very hard to me to understand you. You could have hundreads of visits to your videos.
    I followed your video and worked for me.
    Can you explain how to open a web page by clicking on the notification please.

  6. Thanks so much for this tutorial
    But if you can please complete it and talk about how to send notifacation to a specific user based on some actions like receiving new message or comments

    And how to register user device when login and how delete device when session end or logout

    Thanks again and keep going

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