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VID 12 – Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding – fun, colorful and free!

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VID 12 [Lesson 04 – Abstraction] – Dr Abstract teaches JavaScript on the Canvas with the following topics:
0:13 – Lesson 04 review
0:44 – abstraction summary
1:00 – watch out for an upside-down hierarchy
1:33 – the plan – abstract to constants, functions and classes
1:48 – starting our code for lesson04
2:13 – Createjs and ZIM are abstractions
3:23 – Teacher not prepared?
3:39 – starting with making pupils!
4:17 – wearing a little hat
4:50 – making a classroom – adding pupil to container
7:02 – efficiency by abstracting to a variable or constant
7:25 – embarrassed students
8:07 – single variable – changing color to yellow
8:45 – variables act as a convenience
9:12 – taking repeated code and making it a function
10:00 – function makePerson()
11:11 – returning an object from the function
12:14 – numbering things often means you can abstract
12:49 – don’t use variables from outside the function
13:22 – using parameters to send information to the function
14:27 – specific and general (abstract)
14:57 – classes as an abstraction
15:35 – a class is what objects are made from
16:14 – a class is a metaphorical overlay in OOP
17:08 – using class keyword and extends
18:02 – contstructor runs when making a new Person
18:42 – parameters go in the constructor
18:46 – the keyword, this – new Person() is this inside class.
19:45 – object and class, class and object
20:00 – most at this level don’t work with custom classes 😉
20:40 – calling the super constructor
20:56 – inheritance
22:12 – a class or classroom – a group with things in common – a class
22:58 – next lesson is loops for more efficiencies!
23:23 – last view of Touchy game on Dragon’s Den and in clubs
24:09 – creative coding also goes beyond visual creation!

The Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding is a video series to help left brain and right brain learners explore the wonders of programming using the fun, colorful and friendly HTML Canvas and ZIM. Dr Abstract is a Canadian New Media Awards winner for Programmer and Educator of the Year. He will teach the basics of programming in JavaScript from the ground up so welcome designers, artists, engineers, developers, and all.

The video lessons are supported by ZIM Skool at and make an excellent introduction to code at a high school and college levels or for the #100DaysofCode movement and workshop organizations like #CanadaLearningCode. Younger students can go to

We hope you share these lessons with friends, family, work colleagues and any aspiring creators! Cheers, please subscribe, share on social media and give the videos a like if you have likes to give. You are welcome to join us at to ask questions, discuss code and share examples.

Cheers from #LearnJavaScript with #CreativeCoding and #DrAbstract founder of #ZIMjs

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