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Voice Comments for Websites & Blogs – Heyoya

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Voice Comments for Websites & blogs – Heyoya
With so many debates, digital content and discussions online, people want their opinions and voice to be heard. Online comments are essential while text comments are the old fashion. If most of the readers are not inspired by your website and its content – you missed out on your retention rates, user-generated content, and your conversion suffers.
So, what can you do?
Heyoya is the solution!
Heyoya is a voice comments platform that will take you beyond the text. Since voice is direct and personal, Heyoya lets you interact with all your readers and have conversations as you would, face-to-face. It is easy to install, you can just copy and paste the line of code and Heyoya is good to go!
Heyoya also loads in parallel with your website, and it won’t have any effect on your site’s loading time. You can also contact all your readers and keep them engaged and updated. The platform also includes monetization options through its below-the-fold advertising. With an increase in your users’ retention, Heyoya allows site users to come back. Use your date to grow your mailing list and community. With the platform’s rich media, readers can express themselves better with voice combined with GIFs, video, and images.
You can also customize your Heyoya widget to reflect your unique content and brand. With Heyoya, the process is more personal, and this means that users can connect better and this makes your site increase its user-retention, SEO, and conversions. Send alerts to your users about your site’s special offers, new content and anything else that you want to talk about.
Heyoya’s Key Benefits
Heyoya can increase your content quality, improve your site’s SEO, and grow your brand affinity. Aside from that, Heyoya has 24/7 support, so whatever you need, and whenever you need, the team is always here for you. With Heyoya, you can reduce spam by avoiding abusive and spammers with email authentication on every commenter.
Heyoya connects both the online and offline world, for a better and more trustworthy relationship between you and online publishers. With Heyoya, sharing comments and reviews on social media is just an easy task. You can also use Heyoya in over 20 different languages.
All the commenters are verified so this only means that your site has better credibility and content. Heyoya’s voice comments will provide you a natural conversation on the website, improving your retention, conversion rates, and keeping all your visitors on the site longer. Since you need a credible website, building a community is a way to improve your retention for credibility. Heyoya voice comment platform has the rich media and voice that will offer your audience the ability to hold a unique conversation in a safe online environment while reaping the benefit of your knowledge.
Heyoya does it all for you. Heyoya has a lot to offer, and the opportunities are limitless. With Heyoya, you can build a better relationship with all your online audience.
So, give your readers a voice now! Create your Heyoya account today!

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