Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Waterfox web browser as an alternative to Mozilla Firefox for Linux

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From the Waterfox website, “Waterfox focuses on giving users choice while also helping make the world a better place. Waterfox is partners with Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees with its generated revenues. The browser itself is focused on power users, which lets you make the important decisions. There is no plugin whitelist, you can run whichever extensions you like and absolutely no data or telemetry is sent back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.”

29 thoughts on “Waterfox web browser as an alternative to Mozilla Firefox for Linux

  1. Just beware, using Waterfox may cause you not to be able to log into 'sensitive' sites like financial sites. These types of sites often require the use of one of the big browsers. This makes it a non-starter for me. And, btw, this is as of Feb 2019.

  2. There doesn't seem to be much real reason to switch to this from regular FFox. Some slight tweaks you could just do yourself doesn't strike me as reason enough.

  3. 1a no browser or program on a pc=mac is true 64bit on an Amiga yes ..In fact true 64bit risc..then on top of it he callit modern BS its back ass wards to 70s clipartish which could run on less then 256 k ..oh yeah x86 runs on 640k chunks at a time…

  4. Your comments from 4+07 on, can also be said about the Pale Moon browser. It has it's own very good web site and downloads for Linux. This has been my default browser for 2 years now.

  5. From the time I got my first computer, Firefox was by default browser, but it's been going downhill over the years, including getting rid of so many of its extensions. Waterfox is a very nice alternative to Firefox and is my default browser. Thanks for the great video!

  6. I'm now the waterfox user. Hate Mozilla what did to my dear Firefox! Everything is just about money, fucking corporations…

  7. I tried Waterfox for short time, but I had to uninstall it. The reason was that it is not compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which I have to use because I am a person with a disability who cannot type, at least in the conventional way. I have no use of my hands.

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